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    I am still waiting to hear Pandora Charms Sale UK from pandoras angels, but someone that works in my local pandora store told me about pandoras tribe, so they just accepted me into the group today, i’m glad you had positive feedback on them, that makes me feel better!! i will definitely look at the other ones you suggested too! have a good evening!
    Of all of these, I think the Purple Shimmer murano is my favourite. I’ve wanted a pastel purple for such a long Pandora Rings Sale UK Rose Gold time, and this lovely bead really delivers. It’s a soft colour while still being vibrant and striking, and the depth of the colour makes the shimmer stand out beautifully!
    Last but not least, we have the Frosty Mint murano, which is very pale indeed when compared to the other two. It’s very hard to photograph as I have to work with a white background, but my Frosty Mint murano does have quite a bit of minty shimmer in it, with a dusting of pink sparkles Pandora Studs Sale UK on top! It’s a gorgeous effect, one that comes out when you expose it to sunlight or a florescent light (but sadly too subtle for my camera to pick up!).

    The Frosty Mint murano would be great for a Christmas bracelet, especially if you want to add a more delicate Pandora Disney Charms UK Sale dash of green to a design. I’m looking forward to seeing if Pandora do decide to go with any more colours for this murano collection. It would be nice if they did!