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How to reduce fat granule

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  • How to reduce fat granule

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    Fat granule production
    First of all, you have to understand how the fat granule is generated, the cause of the skin surface appears a small naked eye can not detect the wound, the skin in the process of self-repair of the formation of small white particles. In the fat granule produced incorrect use of skin care products, will make the situation more serious, bringing the skin of the secondary damage.

    The use of skin care products
    Dry and excessive fat skin fat particles produced the main reason, so in the summer eye care should pay more attention to oil control and water. One high concentration of eye care products should try to avoid the use of fresh water-based eye gel, gel. In addition, the incorrect exfoliation will aggravate the situation of Zhifang Li, so when exfoliating extra attention to the way, vigorously rub and excessive cleaning should be avoided.