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Eyelash grow to become more beauty for you

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  • Eyelash grow to become more beauty for you

    You can also put some aloe extract at your fingertips, and then apply your eyelids and lashes, repeated can see the obvious effect.

    after washing a face should be started gently press the upper eyelids and wipe away the moisture.Be careful not to let the towel fiber on the eyelash.Can use hair dryer dry residual moisture, or dry with paper towels.An eye makeup will let you have a pair of beautiful eyes.?and?an eye shadow will be?the best?foundation?for eye revitalash advanced will make your eye makeup last longer and colors appear more vivid.Of course,False eyelash or?mascara?is indispensable.Long lashes will make your eyes seem more open and expressive.Then there is a question, applying false eyelashes or mascara is?difficult?and complex for many people .revitalash
    make you have long and curl eyelashes.

    After grafting to note:Grafting eyelash after 6 hours, please avoid washs a face, bath, sauna, hot yoga, swimming and so on high temperature, damp environment.Special beautiful eyelash glue after grafting, although seems to have dried, but actually not completely cured.Touch water at this time can make eyelash falls off easily, may also make it easy to glue.

    Eyelash besmear after you can try to stick shored up gently with cotton eyelash, even mascara dry, so you can still maintain the original roll become warped the eyelash of degrees.