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How to regulate and prevent glaucoma

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  • How to regulate and prevent glaucoma

    Conditioning, prevention, Zhou Zonghan Chinese medicine practitioners have also specifically for people suffering from glaucoma problems raised four daily diet must know the key points to remind you to pay more attention to, to comply with, it will not cause continued deterioration in glaucoma symptoms.

    Point 1 / "Three bogey" to be careful
    "Three bogey", that is, avoid boil, Ji Jiu, avoid drinking tea. Excessive absorption of silt, easy to cause retinal vasospasm due to nicotine, leading to optic nerve ischemia, and cyanide in tobacco may cause toxic amblyopia, damage to visual function can not be inadvertently!Present day, lilash sale with longer and thicker eyelashes,your eyes seem far more stunning.*the ingredients of lilash eyelash serum also contain necessary nutrition,they provide the sufficient nutrition to keep the lashes growth need,Lilash products can bring more*confident*and*special temperament for women,our site also offer the*Lilash coupon*to our customers,expect your orders on our site and get more surprised discount.

    A lot of drinking, easy to cause eye telangiectasia, eye congestion increased, and even lead to acute glaucoma. Although drinking tea can play a diuretic function, but the opposite is also easy to lead to a long time in edible state of excessive excitement, thereby affecting sleep, causing increased intraocular pressure.

    Points 2 / more fruits and vegetables far constipation
    Attention to food hygiene, more into the digestible food, such as vegetables, fruits, etc., often maintain smooth stool, to avoid intraocular pressure due to increased abdominal pressure is also very important.

    Point 3 / Diet Tastes light
    As far as possible do not eat or eat spicy food, such as pepper, raw onions, pepper and other spices, so as not to cause increased intraocular pressure.