Blacklab thursday plays

these are copied and pasted from the overnights I posted last night

\o's -115 4 units
tbay over 9 1/2 -102 **6** units
seattle m's -115 3 units
angels -104 **4** units
padres -133 3 units
nationals +142 2 units
tbay now +158 1 unit

adding padres - 1 1/2 +165 1 1/2units
mariners - 1 1/2 +180 1 unit
az over 9 1/2 -120 2 units
tbay - 1 1/2 +255 1 unit
also,with the game 4-4 now in the 6th,not sure what you wanna do with the angels bet......

It's no-action for me due to the pitching change,as I'm sure it is for everyone......Lawrence,just ignore the play,and from now on,unless I state it,I alwys play listed pitchers.......

If you guys wanna count it,you have to adjust the line to +115 at least.

I'd rather just scrap the play as I'm sure everyone has.The bet was with Colon going.good luck to those who didn't list guys....I still want angels to win.:rolleyes: :cheers
Nico,the play has moved the other way......I know another group on the other side.....I respect their opinions greatly....

But.....I respect mine more when I'm hot.....

I like it......the Wakefield stat,as I said before won't apply here:+whipping :surprised:
No Partials said:
Good luck today. I look for your opinions each day.

thanks guys......hopefully we can get over 100 units tonight....

those who bet angels today had a good buffer.....I got no action
I'm sticking with it yes Nico....good luck with what you decide......

from the overnights posted the angels won.....I just like riding the wave.....if I were cold as fuk I'd reconsider:yikess
Nicoman1199 said:
Not questioning you whatsoever I just wanted to make sure. Orioles and Angels were solid--thx much

het Nico,glad you are here buddy.....let's hope drays can bring it hime buddy!! nat look great
sorry guys with the red sox over....they just didn't cooperate....but very nice hits on tbay as a +158 dog,and and +255........on the reverse rl

if all goes well,could be over 100 units by midnight:cheers :surprised: