Broadcasting ratings 1 thru 100


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Jeez, a drunk homer who spent half the game telling you valuable tidbits like Marcy from Columbus Ohio is at the game and says hi to the family back home gets a 95. Solid scoring system.
Harry Carey was a shell of himself after 1985ish. When he was on the White Sox with Jimmy Piersall, he was in the same class with Scully, Buck, Kalas, and Harwell.


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I rate NBC White House correspondent Halle Jackson a 90

This is just an observation, not criticism or praise. I think of her as the fast talking (as in words per minute) filly from Philly (she's from the Philadelphia suburbs, I believe). Feel free to laugh (hopefully) or groan as so inclined.

I believe she also has a show on MSNBC titled MSNBC Live with Hallie Jackson on @7:00 am Pacific Time, weekdays.


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doris burke makes the very boring nba even more boring, her annoying obnoxious newyork accent makes her even worse.


TYVM Morgan William!!!
Chris Collingsworth 3
John Sterling 88
Suzyn waldman 69

You lost all credibility with this post

Collinsworth: 95
Sterling 0
Waldman Minus INFINITY

Every time someone mentions her name all I can think about is this - brilliantly done!