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He had 4 good seasons 1995-1998. The other 17 seasons, only 2 where he played at least half a season and had more touchdown than interceptions. 14 and 9 in 10 games 1993. 15 and 14 in 16 games in 2001. Other one was 7 and 2 in 7 games 2003. That means only 7/21 season he had more TD's than picks!


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The final nail in the legacy of Joe Paterno was the leak of the accusers going back to the 70s'

A full and detailed discussion of those two accusers, as well as others, will make your jaw drop as to how rediculous these two are, but more importantly, the motivation behind the take down of Joe

I hate this case ...

Episode Twelve, Part II The Settlements
With the Benefit of Hindsight...

Zig and Liz take us deep inside the Penn State Board of Trustees and the decisions that were made regarding the "victim" settlements. While Zig steadfastly sticks to his belief that the entire Penn State scandal was a "perfect storm of self interest" and NOT a conspiracy, he does believe that in the end there was a conspiracy to seal the fate of Joe Paterno. We are joined by two former board members and an undercover accuser to help explain it all.Listen on Apple Podcasts:

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