Costa Rica Getting Rid of Zoo?s

[h=1]Costa Rica Getting Rid of Zoo?s Favoring Natural Environmental Awareness[/h]

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he Costa Rica News (TCRN) ? After almost 95 years the Costa Rica government decided to end the display of caged animals in zoos.

Simon Bolivar Zoo was created by decree in 1919 and opened in the heart of the capital in 1921, and since then generations of families have visited Costa Rica to see local wildlife as endangered jaguars and species other species such as lions.

After decades of operation and extensive visitation, the Ministry of Environment and Energy (MINAE) said Costa Rica has seen a shift in environmental awareness and that the idea of the zoo with caged animals has expired.

?The MINAE has the responsibility to respond to increased environmental awareness Costa Rican who does not want to see animals caged. That?s an old idea that no longer goes with the Costa Ricans,? said Environment Minister Rene Castro.
About 400 animals of 71 species of birds, fish, amphibians, reptiles and mammals that inhabit the Simon Bolivar Zoo will be taken to rescue centers in May next year, and those that are indigenous be released.

The zoo, which is managed for 20 years by the Foundation Fundazoo, will be transformed into a botanical park also aimed at scientific research and education.
The Conservation Center of Santa Ana, with its 52 hectares, the government said it is working with the community to determine what will be created there but it will maintain Urban Natural Park status.

Costa Rica, which is recognized internationally for its environmental conservation policies, is a small country of 4.5 million people that is home to almost 5% of the planet?s biodiversity and has a forest cover of 52.3% and 30% of its territory remains protected in National Parks and reserves.


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I was just reading about this and was going to post it here.

There's already enough animals in the streets of Costa Rica :btj:
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The Simon Bolivar zoo was a disgrace anyways.... only other nice zoo here that I can now think of is ZOO AVE in Alajuela, and if I were up to the 3+ hour drive each way, I suppose Africa Mia in Liberia would be another coice. My 3-year old has been insisting I take her to a zoo lately... what other options are there guys?
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take her to see some wild/less depressing animals or maybe to Santa Ana, there is a sanctuary/zoo type thing on calle vieja on the right hand side right where the curves start. You cant miss it.


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AFRICA MIA is pretty cool actually and can jump off waterfalls at the end on there property...

Panaca is another choice.
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Will look at those other options NES. Thank you.

Didn't panaca close down 2 years ago?


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Costa Rica Getting Rid of Zoo

Costa Rica Getting Rid of Zoo

That sums up life in Costa Rica quite well. The rest, well, even though I dont know you, I hope this isnt a suicide note.