I helped drive a friend to the Zona Roja of San Jose earlier this week who needed to buy an item she was tipped of about at a pawn shop there.

The things I saw there... the people, and situations were really degrading to human dignity.

Homeless people (not as many as you might see on skid row in L.A. but homeless afterall), street bums, drug dealers, trash and litter all around...

As I am parked there, illegally, waiting for my friend to complete her errand, I notice a guy with suspicious behavior. He keeps walking closer and closer to my car, till he is finally standing besides me. I removed my seat belt, and reached down the side of my door to prepare something that could serve as a self-defense weapon. He then walks away, and stands outside an awful looking "shop" some 15 yards away from me.

I have him in plain sight, and discretely continue to monitor his motions, and the direction his eyes are looking towards. I begin to notice the guy is making eye contact with third parties in two diagonal directions from where I'm parked, repeatedly.

I am on high alert, and monitoring the situation consistently, preparing for whatever may come.

Finally, an afflicted, health deficient guy walks up to him, he puts his hand behind him, and the drug addict hands him some money. The guy walks inside the shop, and comes back delivering what I would guess is either a rock of crack, or cocaine.

Sadly -I feel relieved. They were not orchestrating an assault on my person. They were merely looking to close a drug deal.

What happened next was an event that degrades human dignity and is downright gross, so I won't comment about it here.

I left there with my stomach all twisted up, and feeling completely saddened at the state of abandonment of the area by the authorities. I kept thinking how disgusting it was for Johnny Araya, now a presidential candidate, to always be boasting about all the good he claims to have done for San Jose after holding the mayor's office for 22-years...

The advice I give you below, I hope will suffice...

Unless you ABSOLUTELY have to go there, DON'T visit the ZONA ROJA of San Jose city.

Ezio Auditore

EOG Member

I guess that I partied enough in Chepe during my first few years here so that your post didn't really bother me any. It happens all day long. Try being in that same area after midnight - it definitely gets much more .... colorful.

What happened next was an event that degrades human dignity and is downright gross, so I won't comment about it here.

I really need to know what happened here