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Do the Canucks get shit kicked in their return to the ice? Line certainly suggests it. 19 games in 30 days is beyond ridiculous. Might take until their 4th-5th game before they start playing cohesively, to be followed pretty quickly by fatigue to plague them for the last half of this stretch.


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Had multiple people text me and ask the same thing, circumstances appear to dictate that but for me I don't know what to expect so for that reason I was going to watch and perhaps Canucks run down as the game continues into late 2nd and 3rd so even if I wait I could see some late opportunities if the game plays out the way we anticipate, GL today Choslamshe

Sunday - Caps playing 7 in 11 and they beat Bruins 8-1 a few days ago, look for a good revenge spot today

Boston -141
NYIsles -146
Final score in overtime, Vancouver 3 Toronto 2.
Leafs Closing ML was -398 (+331) at pinnacle
Strange NHL season gets even stranger.
Shit happens in hockey. Leafs had 57 scoring chances and 2 goals. Thats way out there is almost never happens territory but not like the Leafs are going to be impacted by losing a point in this one.
Had multiple people text me and ask the same thing, circumstances appear to dictate that but for me I don't know what to expect so for that reason I was going to watch and perhaps Canucks run down as the game continues into late 2nd and 3rd so even if I wait I could see some late opportunities if the game plays out the way we anticipate, GL today Choslamshe

Sunday - Caps playing 7 in 11 and they beat Bruins 8-1 a few days ago, look for a good revenge spot today

Boston -141
NYIsles -146
Winner. Winner.

You're on a nice run.


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Quite the results in the Tor-Van back to back, Tor with a few games against Jets might be a race after it looked like the Leafs were going to runaway with the division.

Ya thanks X-Files trying to be selective, lots of smaller stuff the last couple days, there's some fun divisional races down the stretch. Speaking of fun will try to attempt to have some with this game tonight. Concerns me with Wild PP real strong recently after being terrible for most of this season but still taking a shot.

Minn-Ariz 1st Period Under 1.5 -119 pinny 0.5 unit
Minn-Ariz Under 5.5 Under -123 bookm 0.5 unit
Total Saves Talbot Under 26.5 -119 pinny 0.5 unit
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SAN JOSE -½ +210 over Minnesota

7:05 PM EST. 10:05 PM EST. Regulation only. One of our wagers last night, L.A. to beat Minnesota, went down in flames, as the Wild cruised to a 4-2 victory. The market and media will see that score but what they won’t see is the truth, which is something we’ll get to in a second.

In our analysis of L.A. over Minnesota, we provided you with this information so allow us to run it by you again, as it is an important piece of information:

Corsi, called shot attempts by the NHL is the sum of shots on goal, missed shots and blocked shots. However, today Corsi is used to approximate shot attempt differential for both teams and players, which can then be used to predict future goal differentials. If a team is losing in the goal differential halfway through the season, but possess a high Corsi, the team is creating more chances than their opponents which should result in the goal differential to get better as the team plays more games.

Corsi is used to approximate puck possession – the length of time a player's team controls the puck – and is typically measured as either a ratio (like plus-minus) of shot attempts for less shot attempts against, or as a percentage. Most players will have a Corsi For percentage (CF%) between 40 and 60. A player or team ranked above 55% is often considered "elite".

Why are we mentioning this? We’re mentioning it because in the past five weeks, Minnesota is ranked dead last in CF% among the 31 teams in the NHL. While the Wild are winning a lot of games, it’s only because they have been on the extreme side of great puck luck.

Last night, Minnesota was outshot by the Kings 42-23. Cal Peterson, L.A’s goaltender had a save% of .870 while Cam Talbot’s save % was .952. The Wild were once again under siege for 60 minutes and once again, they came out smelling like a rose. The Minnesota Wild have remarkably won six games in a row while mustering up 22, 18, 28, 24, 23, & 24 shots on net respectively. They were outshot, out-chanced, and out-Corsied in all six games. Prior to beating the Kings last night, Minnesota beat Arizona 4-1 while getting outshot 40-23. This is a Wild team that is under siege right now more than any team in the NHL, yet the keep winning games.

Chasing the puck for 60 minutes is exhausting, which is precisely what the Wild were doing last night and for at least six straight games. They’ll now play their fourth game in six days, third game in four days and tail end of back to back while the Sharks are rested, healthy and grossly underpriced here. This is without question one of the biggest overlays of the year and unless Minnesota gets extremely lucky again, we’re going to cash this ticket. For all our money-line parlay friends, make this one your “key” game.

Interesting analysis and can't argue with it, it's just the bottom five teams of the West have played horrendously against the top three over the last few weeks. These massive losing streaks are something, only teams winning are those playing the other bad teams.


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Sharks game isn't on my radar but probably on to something since Minny is playing a back to back and 6 games in 9 days. Last time I remember seeing that with them they got outchanced, outplayed and lost to Coyotes fairly handily awhile back, GL
Minny is the play if that site says to take Sharky's Machine

Whoever makes those picks is as clueless as it gets. Fade his sorry ass and you will be far better off.
Minny is the play if that site says to take Sharky's Machine

Whoever makes those picks is as clueless as it gets. Fade his sorry ass and you will be far better off.
In recent years his record (units lost) in the NHL has been poor, though his NHL overall historical performance is still solidly in the positive:


His success across all sports combined is excellent & proves he knows what he's doing & is a long term winner:

"In 2020, we ended +117 units for our 9th winning season in past 11 years."


Though it may be advisable not to follow blindly everything in the NHL & pick your spots.
BTW, i'm not recommending SJ, necessarily, but posting FYI & discussion. IOW just my 2c. The thoughts of other online forum members & info provided by them are valuable & have made me successful at "gambling". Teamwork. to beat the books.


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Thats was some sick shot on goals in Det-Dall game 41-6 after 2 periods for Dallas

late one

55 Arizona 1st period Under 1.5 -118 bookmaker 1 unit
55 Arizona - LA Under 5 +111 60 minute Regulation line pinny 0.5 unit
Sharks analytics suggest they are a slightly above average team but poor goaltending and bad puck luck seem to be doing them in. Right now it just seems like teams are doing an unintentional tanking. Not that I think they aren't trying but teams are using different players to get them some experience and I think that is driving some of these bad runs you are seeing. The right way to do a rebuild is a total washout, get rid of everyone and let some younger players take leadership roles. Teams like the Kings and Sharks have too many veterans still around and that makes for an uneasy balance. The kids are fighting for jobs, the vets minds are elsewhere. The end result is a very poor mix as opposed to whst you see with the Sabres who are mostly guys who probably will be around next year and have gotten accustomed to their teammates and systems.
Essentially neighbors, the Anaheim Ducks and Los Angeles Kings will get to know each other even better this week.

The Southern California teams are scheduled to play four times in six days, starting with their first meeting on Monday night in Los Angeles.

The Ducks (14-27-7, 35 points) quit thinking about the playoffs weeks ago, but the next four games could make or break the slim playoff hopes for the Kings (17-22-6, 40 points).

"We've got four straight games, eight points, against our rivals down the road," Kings coach Todd McLellan said. "We want to make good on all eight points."

The Kings would be in a much better position if they didn't lose their past two games to fall seven points back of fourth place in the West Division with 11 games remaining.

After defeating the Ducks 4-1 on Tuesday, the Kings had moved within five points of fourth place, but they lost to the visiting Minnesota Wild 4-2 on Friday and then suffered an even more damaging loss on Saturday, falling 4-0 to the visiting Arizona Coyotes.

The victory leapfrogged the Coyotes over the St. Louis Blues into fourth place, while pushing the Kings further out of a playoff spot with the window closing fast.

McLellan sent a message to his players during his postgame media availability on Saturday night.

"Everybody's asking for more, wants more; well, let's see it from you," McLellan said. "That should be a real good motivating factor for everybody that's in the lineup, from the older player on down through the youngest player."

The Ducks continue to fall further in the overall standings. Anaheim has lost four consecutive games and had the third-fewest points in the league entering Sunday.

The Ducks have also scored the fewest goals in the NHL (105) and they aren't getting any better. They have combined for four goals in the past four games.

The Ducks are also missing some key players.

They played their first game since right wing Jakob Silfverberg underwent season-ending hip surgery on Thursday. The Ducks were also without one of their top defenseman, Josh Manson, who suffered an apparent head injury during a fight with Brendan Lemieux in the loss to the Kings last week.

Anaheim captain Ryan Getzlaf also left Saturday's game with an upper-body injury, but he should be back on Monday.

With this season counting down its final games, many are looking to the future in Anaheim, one that might not include Getzlaf, who turns 36 next month with a contract expires at the end of this season.

David Backes, a 15-year veteran who is also likely winding down his brief stay in Anaheim, said the Ducks should be able to develop more camaraderie and togetherness once pandemic restrictions are lifted, which should help their on-ice performance.

"You're playing for the guy next to you, rather than just playing to show off your skills," Backes said. "You've got to be willing to do whatever it takes to help the guy next to you, and when that sort of environment can be cultivated a lot better in a non-pandemic time -- hopefully that's in the very, very, very near future -- I think this team can make that next step and really be a threat and show off those talented bodies that are in the pipeline."
Montreal +120 over CALGARY6:30 PM EST. OT Included. Things can change fast. After Calgary lost to Ottawa just before three straight games against these Habs, one Calgary Sun writer summed it up by saying there was little hope for the Flames:

Calgary would subsequently go out and beat Montreal not once but twice, thus, what seemed like no hope just a few days ago has now turned into expectations. On Friday, when these two met for the first of three, the pressure was not on Calgary, as they had been written off by just about everyone after losing to Ottawa. The mindset now changes from being written off to being expected to finish the Habs off and with that comes the weight of expectations. Under pressure, the Flames have not responded well this season so why should we trust them to respond now?Man for man, metric for metric, Montreal is clearly the superior team here. It would be nice if the Habs put the puck in the net more but if that were the case, we would not be taking back a tag on this possession monster. The Habs rank top three in puck possession time during five-on-five play and it’s not like they were outplayed the past two games. No, it’s simply that Calgary had better puck luck than the Canadiens. Montreal is a well-disciplined, puck-possession juggernaut and if they lose three times to the inferior Flames, so be it.Finally and for what it’s worth, no player on the Flames has logged more minutes than Noah Haifan this season. Well, Hanifan is out for the year, which has barely received a mention but his loss is a significant one that is not reflected in the price. Sum it all up and we're getting a great price on Montreal to win outright.

Fade or follow or not. BOL whatever you do.

I have no picks or opinions on the game.


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Thanks tough loss for the sweep in the Blues game as they had 5 goals for the total halfway through the game, oh well onto today, anyone like anything today?