Report Findings....."Penn State had "total disregard" for child sex abuse victims"

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Re: Report Findings....."Penn State had "total disregard" for child sex abuse victims"

Replying to @oaklandzoo22
And you can't cite even one piece of it. Goodbye.

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Re: Report Findings....."Penn State had "total disregard" for child sex abuse victims"

Your boy is a wackjob, Bruce He is the Happy Valley's version of Loony Louise Munch. Whatever legitimate arguments about the investigation and punishment of PSU administrators, it is wiped out by his all balls out contention Sandusky was framed. Sandusky didn't even put up a fight after being arrested. He knew his gig was up.


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Re: Report Findings....."Penn State had "total disregard" for child sex abuse victims"

This article speaks for itself . Its O.J like travesty of justice

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Penn State Sentences: Shakespearian Tragedy Or Comedy Of Errors?

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[TD="class: cms_table_tr-caption, align: center"]The Man Who Made Penn State's Showers Safe Again[/TD]


By Ralph Cipriano

Judge John Boccabella proclaimed that he was witnessing a Shakespearian tragedy on Friday when he sentenced Graham Spanier, Tim Curley and Gary Schultz to jail for misdemeanors.

But actually it was a farce that the judge was presiding over. "The Comedy of Errors" -- [Shakespeare wrote that one too] -- that Boccabella had a starring role in.

To start things off, the prosecutors in the case wrote an insane sentencing memorandum where they proposed abandoning the law, as well as all logic and common decency, in favor of mob rule.

What the prosecutors proposed was to hold Graham Spanier and one of their own cooperating witnesses -- former athletic director Curley -- personally responsible for the actions of bloggers, and the politically incorrect statements of some of Spanier's defenders.

As crazy as that notion was, Judge Boccabella promptly ratified it by sending all three former Penn State administrators off to jail on Friday for a misdemeanor crime that they weren't guilty of, for supposedly breaking a child endangerment law that never even applied to them.

All because of the blasphemies of others.

According to the PennLive report on Friday's sentencing, the judge said that despite the fact that the three Penn State administrators had lost their jobs and their reputations because of this fiasco, a message of deterrence was still needed.

Because some at Penn State, including members of the board of trustees, were still making excuses about what supposedly happened at Penn State, the judge said. And some of those people actually had the nerve to question the truthfulness and motives of Jerry Sandusky's alleged victims.

Oh no, not the sainted victims of child abuse! Horrors!

We're talking about the Happy Valley version of the Septa bus crash, where 33 alleged victims got in line to collect $93 million that the university was handing out, no questions asked. The actions of the Penn state trustees were so irresponsible that their own insurance carrier wound up suing them.

In case you haven't done the math, the payouts amount to $2.8 million each. And, according to the rules of the game, as practiced in Happy Valley, none of the victims had to even reveal their real names. But according to the Honorable Judge Boccabella, it's beyond skepticism to suggest that a few fakers might have gotten in line for that kind of lottery.

In case you're unfamiliar with the legend of the Septa bus crash, it's a Philadelphia specialty where a bus with 3 people on it crashes. And after all the lawyers in the case get through, 20 people file claims for damages in court.

But in Happy Valley, it's even easier to collect.

In the Penn State lottery, the university just put aside a pot of gold, and let the plaintiffs's lawyers decide who got what. And it didn't matter that the trustees only put $60 million in the pot. And the gold rush promptly overspent the budget by $33 million.

No problem, we'll just pay all those bills, no questions asked. After all, it's only fair. Why prolong the suffering of the alleged "victims" by asking them any questions. Like is it true you actually claimed that Joe Paterno got in the shower with you and Jerry? And then you got paid?

Anybody have any questions about such a process that's played out behind closed doors and under court seal, where the alleged victims grabbing those FAT CHECKS don't even have to state their real names?

No possibility of fraud there, right? After all, people don't lie. Especially alleged victims of sex abuse. And certainly their lawyers can be trusted.

All the way to the bank.

Never mind that in Philadelphia, in a travesty that coincided with the Penn State scandal, a fraudster dubbed "Billy Doe" -- whose real name is Danny Gallagher -- just collected $5 million for his alleged pain and suffering in an out-of-court settlement with the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

Even though Billy Doe/Danny Gallagher has since been revealed as a complete fraud who just stole that money.

And if you don't believe me, just ask the retired detective who was the district attorney's lead investigator.

If there was any justice in Happy Valley, it would be Penn State's trustees who would be on trial for abandoning their fiduciary duties. But instead, Judge Boccabella was conducting an inquisition. Where Spanier, Curley and Schultz would have to pay for the blasphemies spoken by others.

Because in Happy Valley, under the rules of the Penn State scandal, it's blasphemy to question the truthfulness and the motives of any of Jerry's alleged victims.

As long as such an atmosphere of denial exists in Happy Valley, the judge declared, "a similar incident could occur at any time"

That's right, Judge. At any moment, Mike McQueary could walk back into the showers at Penn State, and witness another former Penn State coach cavorting naked with another boy. And then, Mike could do nothing about it for another ten years.

Just like he did the first time.

Nice logic, Judge. But this is the same judge who introduced a 28-year-old witness to the jury as "John Doe." So everybody could pretend that instead of a grown man with a net worth of $8 million, Michal Kajak was a frightened 10 year-old boy who needed his Mommy and a box of Kleenex to get through a brutal inquisition where the defense lawyers in the case were too frightened to ask a question.

Oh, please stop the torture! And get that sobbing witness another tissue.

In case you missed it, after he got through ratifying the notion of mob rule, the Honorable Judge Boccabella promptly sentenced former Penn State President Graham Spanier to 4 to 12 months in jail, with two months of it under house arrest.

Former Athletic Director Tim Curley got 7 to 23 months; former Penn State VP Gary Schultz got 6 to 23 months. But half of Schultz and Curley's sentences will also be under house arrest.

Let's keep in mind that these three men had clean records and were being sentenced for a misdemeanor, where a fine and/or probation would have been appropriate.

In any other case where the media wasn't all over it, and the prosecutors weren't screaming for blood.

But actually, these guys should have never even gone on trial. But they did, thanks to one other legacy from Philadelphia -- bad case law made in the Billy Doe scandal.

I've written about this before, but I don't think people get it.

So, let's try again.

Before the Billy Doe case came along, between 1972 and 2007, the only 300 people in Pennsylvania who were charged with endangering the welfare of a child were people who had direct contact with children, such as parents, teachers and guardians.

In 2005, a grand jury investigating sex abuse in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia wanted to charge Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua and Msgr. William J. Lynn with endangering the welfare of a child.

The same stunt the AG's office pulled with Curley, Scultz and Spanier. Only it was about real crimes.

But a grand jury and Philadelphia District Attorney Lynne Abraham stated in the grand jury report that the state's child endangerment law, passed in 1972, only applied to people who had direct contact with children, such as parents, teachers and guardians.

So that's why the grand jury and Abraham couldn't charge the cardinal or the monsignor with endangering the welfare of a child. Even though, according to the grand jury, they had been involved in a cover up that had shielded some 60 pedophile priests from prosecution for raping hundreds of child victims.

Abraham promptly led a statewide drive to amend the law, and the state Legislature complied by passing an amendment tin 2007 that added supervisors to the law.

So, under the rules of the game in Pennsylvania, Spanier, Curley and Schultz could have never even been charged with child endangerment, until some bad case law got made.

Those blood-thirsty prosecutors in the state's Attorney-General's office would have never been able to write their insane sentencing memoranda. And the Honorable John Boccabella wouldn't have had to preside over a Shakespearian tragedy.

So what happened?

In 2009, along came an unscrupulous, ambitious District Attorney in Philadelphia, Seth Williams, who, like those blood-thirsty prosecutors in the AG's office, didn't have any interest in the rule of law.

Instead, Williams went out in 2011 and indicted Msgr. Lynn under the state's original 1972 child endangerment law with no explanation for what he did.

And what he did was pretend that there had been 2005 grand jury report from Abraham, and no 2007 amendment of the state law. Instead, Rufus Seth Williams decided to make his own law.

Keep in mind this is the same unscrupulous district attorney, Rufus Seth Williams, who is facing a 29-count federal indictment charging bribery, extortion, honest services fraud and wire fraud.

But maybe his worse crime was what he did to the law.

Msgr. Lynn, of course was convicted at a 2013 trial, on one felony count of child endangerment, and he got sentenced to 3 to 6 years.

Later that same year, the state Superior Court declared that the sky was blue. The court declared that the state's original child endangerment law didn't apply to supervisors. Only to people who had direct contact with children, such as parents teachers and guardians.

D.A. Williams promptly appealed.

That's when, in 2015, the state Supreme Court made some bad case law. The Supremes overturned the overturning of Msgr. Lynn's conviction. By saying the sky was purple.

They did it by clairvoyantly reinterpreting the meaning of the original 1972 state child endangerment law to declare that they originally meant to include supervisors.

In making bad case law, the Supremes ignored the actions of the 2005 grand jury in Philadelphia. And the actions of the state legislature in 2007 to amend the child endangerment law to include supervisors.

But that's of little comfort to Spanier, Curley and Schultz as they head off to jail.

But at least the citizens of Dauphin County, and the gullible media, can applaud the actions of the Honorable John Boccabella. That courageous judge, who with his tough jail sentences for the Penn State trio, assured that the showers at the Lasch Building will be safe again, and free of pedophiles.

Posted by Ralph Cipriano at 9:40 AM image:

Trial: Graham Spanier Trial


Patrick McIrish

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Re: Report Findings....."Penn State had "total disregard" for child sex abuse victims"

Bruce, do you really think posting opinion based articles is some sort of hard hitting news?

I can find a favorable opinion on any topic, no matter how absurd......

None of this is even close to being a game changer.

I'm with Kane, hope they cut your library time Mr Sandusky.

Here's what was at the bottom of one of your propaganda articles, sums it up nicely:

This is an opinion piece. The views expressed in this article are those of just the author.

We move on.

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Re: Report Findings....."Penn State had "total disregard" for child sex abuse victims"

You don't even know the half of it, Patrick. John Ziegler posted pictures of Mike McQueery's dick. For investigate journalistic purposes mind you. Somehow Mike's dick proves Jerry's innocence.


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Re: Report Findings....."Penn State had "total disregard" for child sex abuse victims"

Bruce, do you really think posting opinion based articles is some sort of hard hitting news?

I can find a favorable opinion on any topic, no matter how absurd......

None of this is even close to being a game changer.

I'm with Kane, hope they cut your library time Mr Sandusky.

Here's what was at the bottom of one of your propaganda articles, sums it up nicely:

This is an opinion piece. The views expressed in this article are those of just the author.

We move on.

lol Yes I do . There are so few people who are brave enough to speak out , that when a former Phila Inquirer reporter steps up an writes an opinion piece based on facts, yes.

It can help change minds and maybe encourage others to say what they believe ( know) , out loud


Long Live Wilson!
Re: Report Findings....."Penn State had "total disregard" for child sex abuse victims"

lol Yes I do . There are so few people who are brave enough to speak out , that when a former Phila Inquirer reporter steps up an writes an opinion piece based on facts, yes.

It can help change minds and maybe encourage others to say what they believe ( know) , out loud
You are so brave. Remarkable.


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Re: Report Findings....."Penn State had "total disregard" for child sex abuse victims"

What does it take for this piece of shit Brucefan to be banned????


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Re: Report Findings....."Penn State had "total disregard" for child sex abuse victims"

Geez, Ralph is relentless. He must hate kids more then me

Big Trial | Philadelphia Trial Blog

Giving readers an unvarnished, uncensored, insider's view of the biggest courtroom dramas

ay, June 6, 2017

Spanier Fighting Heart Disease, Cancer, Depression On Way To Jail

By Ralph Cipriano

The three top former Penn State officials that Judge John Boccabella just sent to jail so he could be tough on crime in a high-profile media case are in bad shape.

Former Penn State President Graham Spanier is 69 years old, and has had five operations in the past year, in addition to 35 radiation treatments for advanced prostate cancer. According to a sentencing memorandum prepared by Spanier's lawyers, Spanier is being evaluated for imminent open-heart cardiac valve replacement surgery. He's also being treated for high blood pressure, depression and anxiety.

Former Penn State VP Schultz, 67, is the primary caretaker for his wife, Karen, his high school sweetheart, who has MS. Schultz also cares for his 86-year-old mother-in-law, who moved into Schultz's house in November, 2015. Both Schultz's wife and mother-in-law depend on Schultz's assistance to get through their daily lives, Schultz's lawyers stated in a sentencing memorandum ignored by the judge.

Former Penn State Athletic Director Tim Curley, 63, suffers from "incurable lung cancer," his lawyer wrote. "Any term of incarceration would negatively impact his health, his ongoing treatment and continuity of health care and cause extreme hardship to himself and his family." In addition, Curley's cancer treatment "has caused liver damage making him susceptible to infection and illness," his lawyer wrote.

But in the interests of "justice," the show must go on. And the Penn State trio must pay by doing jail time for misdemeanors, after seeing their careers torched, and their reputations destroyed.

According to the judge's rulings, Spanier has to do two months in jail, followed by up to ten months of house arrest.

Schultz got two months behind bars and up to 21 months of home confinement.

Curley will do three months in jail followed by up to 21 months of house arrest.

The charade of the Penn State trio going off to prison for supposedly turning a blind eye to the suffering of the sainted "victims" of Jerry Sandusky must play out. So in this morality play staged by the prosecutors and judges, the media and public must see someone pay for the sins of Jerry Sandusky.

Even though Jerry's already doing up to 60 years in solitary confinement.

The official Penn State storyline as promulgated by the media and justice system, is like Nebuchadnezzar's 90-foot tall golden statue in the Old Testament book of Daniel. There is the official truth, and only the official truth, and everyone must bow and worship before it.

Or be thrown into a fiery media furnace, in addition to jail.

As stated by the prosecutors and the judge in this car, the Penn State trio must may for the sins of the official deniers of the truth. Bloggers and blasphemers like former PSU trustee Al Lord, who famously said he was "running out of sympathy for 35 so-called victims with 7-digit net worth."

But anyone with a sane mind would have to view the Penn State storyline we've been fed for the past seven years and see some gaping holes.

Such as:

-- The entire 2011 grand jury report is built upon a lie, that Mike McQueary supposedly saw Jerry Sandusky in the Penn State showers engaged in an "anal rape" of a 10-year-old boy. Even McQueary wrote in an email to the prosecutors that it never happened, he never saw penetration, and that the prosecutors "twisted" his words.

-- Of the 24 original charges filed by the attorney general's office against the Penn State trio, the only three that stuck were three misdemeanor charges of endangering the welfare of a child. Charges that I've already explained were filed under an original 1972 state law that didn't even apply to them.

-- Many in Penn State nation seem to think that Jerry Sandusky was a master pedophile, and that the AG's office should have spent their time investigating Sandusky's Second Mile charity, instead of Penn State. A vocal minority believe that Sandusky was innocent, and that the prosecutors manufactured evidence against him. And victims.

But both sides should agree that Sandusky deserves a new trial, after the earlier farce that he was railroaded at. BigTrial has covered the incompetence of Sandusky's lawyer in an excerpt from a soon-to-be published book by journalist Mark Pendergrast.

-- If Jerry Sandusky was a pedophile, where's the evidence? The only pornography discovered in the case was on the computers of the prosecutors. Knowledgable law enforcement sources say they have never heard of a case of pedophilia not accompanied by large caches of pornography.

Also, after three years of investigating, the prosecutors had only found one so-called victim, Aaron Fisher. And this was a guy who initially said nothing ever happened with Jerry. Until he underwent six months of psychotherapy and many more skull sessions with investigators. I'm talking about two state troopers who admitted on a tape-recorded interview with another suspected victim that it took months for the cops to coax to a sex abuse story out of Fisher.

-- The identity of the victim of one of the most infamous sex abuse crimes in history, the alleged anal rape of that 10-year-old boy in the showers supposedly witnessed by McQueary, is "known only to God," according to the prosecutors. This after seven years of this highly publicized scandal. It makes no sense. Especially to the guy doing 60 years in jail in part for the marquee crime of the indictment where the state was unable to produce a victim.

If Sandusky gets a new trial, maybe some of these issues will be investigated. But don't expect the mainstream media to show any interest in digging into this. They already have their official story line that everyone must bow and worship before.

And nobody does more bowing and scraping before sacred cows and the prevailing wisdom than the mainstream media. Take my word for it; I've been a reporter for 40 years.

Meanwhile, those sentencing memorandums detail the pain and suffering that the official scapegoats of the Penn State scandal have already been subjected to.

"Dr. Spanier has become the subject of public debate, incessant and vitriolic media commentary [both traditional and 'social' media] and endless ridicule and scorn," wrote lawyers Samuel W. Silver and Bruce P. Merenstein.

"Dr. Spanier has already suffered severely through public shaming, loss of employment and significant repetitional harm," his lawyers wrote. "He is almost 70 years old and in worsening health."

In the sentencing memorandum, a doctor detailed those health problems, both mental and physical.

"Due to the chronic psychological stress from prolonged legal issues, as well as the chronic burden of severe medical problems, Dr. Spanier was diagnosed with major depression and anxiety," wrote Dr. Michael P. Flanagan, the Professor and Vice-Chair of Family and Community Medicine at Penn State's College of Medicine.

"In addition to his cardiac and prostate cancer medications, as well as extensive radiation therapy, Dr. Spanier has been prescribed three medications to treat underlying reactive depression and associated anxiety," Flanagan wrote.

In an unsuccessful effort to keep Spanier out of jail, his lawyers detailed Spanier's extraordinary accomplishments and many good deeds.

In 2005, Spanier was asked by FBI Director Robert Mueller and CIA Director Porter Goss to take the "lead role in national security matters pertaining to higher education," his lawyers wrote.

In the sentencing memorandum, Tom Mahlik, former NCIS Deputy Assistant Director, told of Spanier's receipt of the Warren Medal.

"During the ceremony, it was said that 'No American has done more since 9/11 to bring the CIA and FBI closer together in a collaborative working relationship," Mahlik wrote. "Graham is courageous . . . Graham is transparent . . . Graham is trustworthy."

John R. Sipher, former member of the Clandestine Service of the CIA, described Spanier as "a man of integrity," a "patriot and a concerned citizen" who wasn't paid for his services to the intelligence community.

Steven L. Soboroff, a childhood friend of Spanier's, and the commissioner of the Los Angeles Police Department, described Spanier as a man of "truthfulness" and "unwavering integrity."

In the sentencing memorandum, Spanier's lawyers also documented their client's good deeds. Such as Spanier and his wife have donating almost $2 million to Penn State. The couple also has been honored for raising more than $700,000 for the Penn State Renaissance Fund scholarship endowment.

In Schultz's sentencing memorandum, Thomas J. Farrell and Emily C. McNally, Schultz's lawyers, included a handwritten note from Schultz's wife, Karen.

"My MS requires someone to be available in times of lack of strength and stability," she wrote. "I hope you understand how important Gary is to me and my well being."

In Tim Curley's sentencing memorandum, his lawyer, Caroline M. Roberto, tried to explain Curley's memory lapses on the witness stand, which drew the ire of the prosecutors.

"The Commonwealth asserts that the astonishing forgetfulness that Curley demonstrated during his testimony . . . was simply not credible," the AG wrote. The AG states that Curley's forgetfulness "was designed to protect those who deserved to share blame with Curley for the decisions that led to the colossal failure to protect children from Sandusky."

His lawyer, however, stated that Curley "testified consistently with his proffered testimony and answered all questions to the best of his ability. Only once did he appear to misunderstand a question and immediately corrected his answer to conform with his prior statement."

Roberto, in her sentencing memorandum, included a witness who talked about a time before his cancer treatments. When Curley's memory was so good he knew all 26 members of the men's soccer team by name, as well as the names of every coach at Penn State.

"I had never seen anything like this," wrote Sandra Rogus. "He was doing this with every coach in every sport." Curley, Rugus wrote, "cared deeply about supporting every coach."

In Curley's sentencing memorandum, his lawyer wrote about the "pain" and "deep and substantial punishment" already inflicted upon Curley during a "media firestorm."

"Mr. Curley was subjected to epic international shaming and humiliation through relentless media frenzy that went on for years through the Sandusky trial and the publication of the dubious and frequently discredited Freeh Report," Roberto wrote.

"As well as the dubious and eventually vacated NCAA sanctions against Penn State," Roberto wrote. "Such public shaming of a man revered by so many who was at the peak of his job performance must be taken into account when determining fair sentence to impose."

Sorry, Mr. Curley, Mr. Schultz and Mr. Spanier.

In the Penn State scandal, there is only one truth that we must all bow before and worship. To that end, the Penn State trio must be sacrificed on the altar of that official truth.

So the show can go on.

Ralph Cipriano at 8:31 AM


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Re: Report Findings....."Penn State had "total disregard" for child sex abuse victims"


EOG Master
Re: Report Findings....."Penn State had "total disregard" for child sex abuse victims"

I can't play PGA on fantasydraft. Too bad. State restrictions.


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Re: Report Findings....."Penn State had "total disregard" for child sex abuse victims"

sandusky liked putting from the rough


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Re: Report Findings....."Penn State had "total disregard" for child sex abuse victims"

Just saw Pacino will be playing Joe Paterno in a Sandusky movie being made....Hollywood is ruthless as fuk.

Wonder who gets to commit career suicide playing Mr. Sandusky...


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Re: Report Findings....."Penn State had "total disregard" for child sex abuse victims"

Just saw Pacino will be playing Joe Paterno in a Sandusky movie being made....Hollywood is ruthless as fuk.

Wonder who gets to commit career suicide playing Mr. Sandusky...

Bruce Vilanch aka Brucefan.


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Re: Report Findings....."Penn State had "total disregard" for child sex abuse victims"

Just saw Pacino will be playing Joe Paterno in a Sandusky movie being made....Hollywood is ruthless as fuk.

Wonder who gets to commit career suicide playing Mr. Sandusky...

25% of hollywood into little kids anyway, will be a very easy role for some.


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Re: Report Findings....."Penn State had "total disregard" for child sex abuse victims"

Pretty sure its more than 25% lol

Just cant believe how quickly they look to capitalize on such vile this rate a Manchester terror flick will be coming out just in time for Christmas


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Re: Report Findings....."Penn State had "total disregard" for child sex abuse victims"

Ralph continues to expose the truth regarding the Penn State case

Felony Friday 076 – Ralph Cipriano on the Parallels Between the Catholic Church And Penn State Sandusky Sex Scandals Posted on June 16, 2017 by John Odermatt Posted in Liberty & Law 1 Comment

On today’s episode journalist Ralph Cipriano joins host John Odermatt to discuss two sex scandal that have rocked the state of Pennsylvania, the Penn State/Sandusky scandal and the Archdiocese Sex Abuse Trial. Ralph has had a unique career as a journalist. Throughout his career he has never shied away from controversy. This time is no different, Ralph has steered right into the heart of the controversy surrounding the two cases discussed on today’s show.
Ralph Cipriano received an undergraduate degree in journalism at the University of Missouri. He is a former staff writer for the Los Angeles Times and the Philadelphia Inquirer. Currently, Ralph writes for BigTrial.Net. His coverage of the Archdiocese Sex Abuse Trial was first brought to the attention of Felony Friday host John Odermatt by a former guest of this show, John Ziegler. Both Ziegler and Cipriano agree that there are similarities between the Archdiocese Trial and the Penn State/Sandusky scandal. Ralph has written several pieces exposing holes in the media narrative in the Penn State/Sandusky Scandal.
Today’s episode:

Download this episode (right click and save)
Links discussed on today’s show:


EOG Master
Re: Report Findings....."Penn State had "total disregard" for child sex abuse victims"

Joe Paterno had received a warning about potential abuse by former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky years before his arrest, according to CNN.
CNN obtained a Pennsylvania state police report that described the account of whistleblower Mike McQueary, who went to Paterno to tell the coach he had witnessed an incident between Sandusky and a young boy in a locker room.
According to CNN, citing the police report, Paterno allegedly told McQueary in 2001 that the claim against Sandusky "was the second complaint of this nature he had received,"
McQueary's claim of abuse and other allegations led to Sandusky's conviction in 2012 for sexually abusing 10 boys over 15 years, including three victims after the 2001 locker room incident. He is serving a sentence of at least 30 years in prison. An appeal is pending.
The report casts further doubt on claims made by Paterno and Paterno's family and supporters that the late Penn State coach knew nothing of the incidents before the 2001 incident.


EOG Dedicated
Re: Report Findings....."Penn State had "total disregard" for child sex abuse victims"

Joe Paterno had received a warning about potential abuse by former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky years before his arrest, according to CNN.
CNN obtained a Pennsylvania state police report that described the account of whistleblower Mike McQueary, who went to Paterno to tell the coach he had witnessed an incident between Sandusky and a young boy in a locker room.
According to CNN, citing the police report, Paterno allegedly told McQueary in 2001 that the claim against Sandusky "was the second complaint of this nature he had received,"
McQueary's claim of abuse and other allegations led to Sandusky's conviction in 2012 for sexually abusing 10 boys over 15 years, including three victims after the 2001 locker room incident. He is serving a sentence of at least 30 years in prison. An appeal is pending.
The report casts further doubt on claims made by Paterno and Paterno's family and supporters that the late Penn State coach knew nothing of the incidents before the 2001 incident.

"McGettigan wouldn't comment."...
"Trooper could not be reached for comment."
Police report was "obtained from a source."
"Attorneys for the Paterno family and Dottie Sandusky did not respond to CNN's requests for comment."
"Two people close to the case told CNN."
"The third source said."
"A source close to the prosecution said." The complete absence of one single living, breathing source is truly astounding.


EOG Dedicated


EOG Dedicated
Re: Report Findings....."Penn State had "total disregard" for child sex abuse victims"

[h=2]Monday, September 11, 2017[/h] [h=3]CNN Smears Joe Paterno With Old News From Tainted Source[/h]

By Ralph Cipriano

On Saturday, when the Nittany Lions were defeating the Pittsburgh Panthers 33-14 to go to 2-0 on a promising young football season, Sara Ganim of CNN posted a blast from Penn State's nightmarish past -- a big scoop that supposedly further tarred and feathered the ghost of the late Joe Paterno.

What startling new evidence did Ganim have that she claimed would destroy what was left of Paterno's credibility? A one-page, 16-year-old police report from a tainted source and an investigation marred by blatant police and prosecutorial misconduct. And what did Ganim and CNN do with that new piece of evidence? She claimed it "bolsters evidence" that Paterno "knew years before Jerry Sandusky's arrest that his longtime assistant might be abusing children."

You had to dig deep into Ganim's intellectually dishonest story to discover what her main new allegation was -- that Paterno supposedly knew about a 1998 incident where Sandusky was accused of hugging a naked 10-year-old boy in the shower. An incident investigated by the Centre County District Attorney's Office at the time and determined to be unfounded.

An incident that allegedly happened three years before the infamous 2001 Mike McQueary shower incident, where McQueary, according to the state attorney general's indictment, supposedly saw Sandusky anally raping another 10-year-old boy in the showers. Even though McQueary later admitted what the attorney general wrote wasn't true. And the alleged victim of the most infamous act of child abuse in the history of America never came forward to testify. Despite tons of publicity and a potential multimillion dollar payout.

With the so-called Penn State sex abuse scandal, it's getting harder and harder to separate reality from myth. All Ganim has done with her latest effort is to throw a fresh coat of mud on the situation and emphasize the need for independent scrutiny of the tainted investigation of Sandusky, as well as Ganim's central role in it.

The problems with Ganim

Problem No. 1 with Ganim's new story is that the news the reporter was peddling directly contradicted one of her previous scoops. Where she claimed that Paterno, who's no longer around to defend himself, knew about a previous allegation of abuse regarding Sandusky dating back to 1971.

She also writes in her latest story about the 1998 incident as though it's some kind of mystery, even though Ganim, who did not immediately respond to a request for comment, is intimately familiar with all the details.

So when did Joe know that Jerry might be a pedophile, Sara? Was it in 1998, or was it way back in 1971? Or was it in 1976, with another incident involving a "John Doe 150," as Ganim wrote about in her Saturday story.

Problem No. 2 with Ganim's latest scoop -- the reporter has an ethical conflict that is undisputed.

At Sandusky's trial, the prosecutors from the state attorney general's office admitted in a legal stipulation that Ganim, who won a Pulitzer Prize for her reporting on Sandusky while working for The Patriot News of Harrisburg, had meddled in a supposedly secret grand jury investigation of Sandusky.

How did she meddle? By acting as an agent for the state attorney general's office when she contacted the mother of the naked 10-year old who was allegedly hugged in the shower.

This ethical conflict was laid out in a legal brief filed by Sandusky's lawyers in their arguments for a new trial. In the brief, Sandusky's lawyers wrote that Ganim "approached the mother of accuser 6," Deb McCord, according to the testimony of State Police Corporal Joseph Leiter, and gave the mother the name and phone number for an investigator assigned to the attorney general's office.

Ganim, according to the brief, left this message for McCord:

"Debra, it's Sara from the Patriot. I just want to pass along this agent's name and number. The Attorney General has expressed interest in helping you."

So when Sara Ganim writes another story about Joe Paterno, it's not exactly like Bob Woodward opining about Watergate. But that didn't prevent Ganim from making a splash with her bogus scoop in the gullible mainstream media, such as The Philadelphia Inquirer, with a fresh round of headlines asking What did Joe Know and When Did He Know It?

Let's get to Ganim's new evidence and lay out why the source of it is tainted, as well as the product of an investigation marked by blatant police and prosecutorial misconduct.

The one page Pennsylvania state police report from 2001, supposedly obtained from a source, Ganim wrote, is "described here for the first time." The report "lays out an account from whistleblower Mike McQueary," who was telling Paterno about the infamous shower incident starring a naked Jerry Sandusky and a 10-year-old boy.

"Paterno allegedly told McQueary in 2001 that the claim against Sandusky ' was the second complaint of this nature he had received," according to the police report, which was written after Sandusky's arrest 10 years later," Ganim wrote.

"Paterno, upon hearing the news, stat back in his chair with a dejected look on his face," the report states, adding that McQueary "said Paterno's eyes appeared to well up with tears."

"Then he made the comment to McQueary this was the second complaint of this nature he had received about Sandusky," the report states, citing McQueary's recollection."

The police report also noted that Paterno allegedly told McQueary that Dottie Sandusky, Jerry's wife, had told Sue Paterno, Joe's wife, that "Jerry doesn't like girls."

A tainted witness

Let's start with McQueary, who, according to Ganim, is now writing a book about his exploits as the alleged Penn State whistleblower.

As former NCIS Special Agent John Snedden has said, McQueary is not a credible witness. As a special agent for the Federal Investigative Service, Snedden investigated former Penn State President Graham Spanier in 2012, to determine whether his top secret security clearance should be renewed by the federal government. Snedden wrote a recently declassified 110-page report that concluded there was no sex crime at Penn State and no coverup.

Snedden didn't believe McQueary because he told five different versions of what he saw and heard in the Penn State showers, featuring fleeting glimpses of naked people in the shower and slapping sounds. The day he witnessed the shower event, McQueary was repeatedly questioned by his father, a doctor, and a friend of his father's, another doctor, about what happened. McQueary could not definitely say whether he had witnessed a sexual attack or horseplay. And that's why neither of the two doctors, both mandated reporters, ever told the police.

McQueary was also questioned by two Penn State administrators, who came to the same conclusion as the two doctors, that McQueary wasn't sure what he saw or heard in the showers. So they didn't report it to the police either.

"I've never had a rape victim or a witness to a rape tell multiple stories about how it happened," Snedden said in a previous interview with Big Trial, to describe why McQueary wasn't a credible witness. "If it's real it's always been the same thing," Snedden said.

"In my view, the evolution of what we saw as a result of Mike McQueary's interview with the AG's office" was the transformation of a story about rough horseplay into something sexual, Snedden said.

"I think it would be orchestrated by them," Snedden said about the AG's office, which has never responded to multiple requests for comment.

A tainted investigation and grand jury report

That didn't stop the attorney general's office from running with their version of McQueary's story.

The 2011 grand jury report claimed that McQueary witnessed a 10-yar-old boy in the showers being subjected to “anal intercourse” by a “naked Jerry Sandusky.” McQueary supposedly told Joe Paterno about it, and two other university officials, but Penn State covered it up, the grand jury report says.

But McQueary himself was shocked when he read the grand jury report. He emailed the prosecutors, saying they had “twisted” his words. ”I cannot say 1,000 percent sure that it was sodomy,” McQueary wrote. “I did not see insertion.”

The investigation conducted by the state police in the Sandusky case also included stone-cold proof of police misconduct on tape. On April 21, 2011, the state police made the mistake of leaving a tape recorder on, and the machine caught the police deliberately lying to one alleged victim to get him to tell the story they wanted him to tell.

State Troopers Joseph Leiter and Scott Rossman were interviewing Brett Houtz at the police barracks, with Houtz’s attorney Benjamin Andreozzi present. While Houtz took a cigarette break the two troopers continued talking with Houtz’s lawyer. They assumed the tape-recorder was turned off but it wasn't.

In their conversation captured for eternity, the troopers talked about how it took them months to get details of sex attacks out of Aaron Fisher, Victim No. 1 in the Penn State case, and how they’re sure that Houtz was a rape victim too. The troopers then discussed how to get more details of sex abuse out of Houtz.

Attorney Andreozzi had a helpful suggestion: “Can we at some point say to him, ‘Listen, we have interviewed other kids and other kids have told us that there was intercourse and that they have admitted this, you know. Is there anything else you want to tell us.’ ”

“Yep, we do that with all the other kids,” Trooper Leiter said. Sure enough, when Houtz returned, Trooper Leiter told him, “I just want to let you know you are not the first victim we have spoken to.” The trooper told Houtz about nine adults that they had already talked to and said, “It is amazing. If this was a book, you would have been repeating word for word pretty much what a lot of people have already told us.”

The troopers, however, have only interviewed three alleged victims at that point, and only one – Aaron Fisher – has alleged prolonged abuse. But Houtz didn't know that.

“I don’t want you to feel ashamed because you are a victim in this whole thing,” Trooper Leiter told House. “He [Sandusky] took advantage of you . . . [but] We need you to tell us as graphically as you can what took place as we get through this procedure. I just want you to understand that you are not alone in this. By no means are you alone in this.”

Reaction to Ganim's latest story

The condemnation of Ganim's most recent story came from many quarters.

"Well CNN published a lie from Sara Ganim," tweeted Scott Paterno, a lawyer who defended his father during the Sandusky scandal. "Sue never said that Dottie told her anything and this was categorically denied before publication."

"To be clear Sara Ganim and @CNN is using triple hearsay to get clicks and it's false. And enough is enough,"

"To my knowledge we were not contacted by Sara Ganim for a response," Dottie Sandusky wrote. "If we had been, I would have told her that this is old news which actually exonerates both Joe and Jerry.The incident in question is the 1998 episode which, according to Tim Curley's testimony, Joe knew was fully investigated by the D.A.and determined to be unfounded. I never said that Jerry doesn't like girls and the factual recording, including at trial, makes that extremely obvious to anyone not invested in this entire fairy tale.z"

"On the brighter side, I'm glad to see that Sara and the rest of the news media has seemingly dropped the absurd notion that Joe Paterno was told in the 1970s about abuse that never happened by accusers who made up stories for Penn State money," Dottie Sandusky wrote.

Former Special Agent Snedden called Ganim's scoop "revisionist history."

"The whole thing is absurd," Snedden said about the supposedly new police report from 2011. "It was written ten years after the fact," Snedden said about the 2001 shower incident supposedly witnessed by McQueary.

"Police reports are supposed to be contemporaneous," Snedden said. About the 2011 police report concerning the 2001 shower incident, Snedden asked, "How is that contemporaneous?"

The CNN story, Snedden said, is the product of either "trying to either cover your ass or bolster your position."

"It's totally absurd," Snedden said. "It appears to me that she [Ganim] doesn't even go through the motions of asking if it's accurate."

John Ziegler, a reporter who has covered the Penn State story for years, was even harsher in his assessment of Ganim's work.

"This one [Ganim's new story] is the biggest piece of crap yet," Ziegler said. "Ganim is pretending that we don't know" about the 1998 shower incident, Ziegler said. "If she was at the trial she would know that what she's reporting is ancient news. It's got cobwebs on it."

"This is actually exculpatory," Ziegler said about Ganim's latests coop.

When McQueary is telling Joe about the 198 shower incident, which is almost identical to the 2001 shower incident, "Joe is immediately thinking back to 1998," Ziegler said.

"That then tells us that McQueary never said anything [to Paterno] about a sexual assault because Joe already knows that 1998 is a nothing burger," Ziegler said. "Had McQueary actually had something about a sexual assault Joe would have never connected it to 1998, because the D.A. had already cleared Sandusky."

Ziegler said he has come to the conclusion that Ganim "was a very ambitious and also very native or stupid person who got used" by prosecutors in the Sandusky case to basically "put out a Craig's list ad" for more victims of sexual abuse.

Ziegler said that Ganim's story goes beyond any claims of the prosecutors.

Former Chief Deputy Attorney General Frank Fina, the lead prosecutor in the Sandusky case, went on 60 Minutes Sports in 2013 and said that there was no evidence that Joe Paterno had ever participated in a cover up.

"I did not find that evidence," Fina said on 60 Minutes Sports.

"It does reek of deception," Ziegler said about Ganim's latest effort to prop up the official Penn State story line.

"They have to be worried about something," Ziegler said, who devoted a podcast to it. "This story makes me think that even she doubts it."

Mark Pendergrast, an author who has written a book about Jerry Sandusky, The Most Hated Man In America; Jerry Sandusky and the Rush to Judgment, said that McQueary "revised his memory a decade after the Feb. 2001 shower incident, in which he heard slapping sounds but did not see Sandusky and a boy in the shower -- he only fleetingly saw a boy, in the mirror."

McQueary's "memory of his meeting with Paterno in 2001was also subject to revisions and this appears to be more evidence of that," Pendergrast wrote in an email. "In other words, this is Sara Ganim once more raising a non-issue based on Mike McQueary's revised memory, and referring as well to highly questionable anonymous allegations dating back to the 1970s."

The 1970s victims
In May 2016, Ganim reported on CNN that a man who claimed to have been raped by Sandusky was personally ordered by Joe Paterno to keep quiet about the abuse.

"Stop it right now" or "we'll call the authorities," the victim told Ganim that Paterno had told him.

The victim told Ganim that he had no doubt it was Paterno on the other end of the phone ordering him to keep quiet.

"There was no question in my mind who Joe was," the victim told Ganim. "I've heard that voice a million times. It was Joe Paterno."

That victim got paid.
Now we come to the most ridiculous part of our story, namely the man referred to in Ganim's most recent opus as "John Doe 150," the alleged sex abuse victim of Jerry Sandusky's dating back to June 1976.

The one that Joe also allegedly knew about.

John Doe 150 was represented in his civil claim by Slade McLaughlin and Paul Lauricella, the two Philadelphia lawyers who represented Danny Gallagher AKA "Billy Doe" in his bogus claim against the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, where Gallagher collected $5 million.

Gallagher is the lying, scheming altar boy who claimed he was the victim of three separate rapes by a couple of priests and a Catholic school teacher. But then the lead investigator in the case, retired detective Joe Walsh, came forward to say that he caught Gallagher telling one lie after another, and that Gallagher even admitted he "made stuff up." Which led the detective to conclude that all of Gallagher's allegations were false.

In the John Doe 150 case, the victim, who is 56 years old, claimed that back in the 1976, when he was 15, he attended a Penn State football camp for a week. According to alleged victim, he was taking a shower when 10 other kids when Jerry Sandusky, whom he had just introduced himself, stopped by. And then, after the other boys left the shower, Sandusky "came up to me and began soaping my back and shoulders."

And then "he stuck his finger in my ass," the victim claimed. Sandusky allegedly apologized, saying he didn't realize he was getting that close.

It gets even stranger. John Doe 150 claims, at 15 years old, he talked about the incident to a Penn State football player, who told him that Sandusky "does this with all of his, I guess, boys."

According to John Doe 150, at 15, he them had the guts to hunt down Joe Paterno at his Penn State office, and corner him in the hallway. John Doe 150 supposedly told Paterno what just happened with Sandusky. And Paterno supposedly replied, "I don't want to hear about any of that stuff, I have a football season to worry about."

Now have you ever heard a more absurd story? A 15-year-old kid molested on the first day he ever met Jerry Sandusky? No grooming? No box of candy or six-pack first?

A 15-year-old kid who has just been victimized who has the nerve to track down and confront a legendary football coach?

Who would believe this crap? Oh that's right, the same lawyers who bought Billy Doe's nonsense. And made $5 million off of it.

Before he collected his settlement, John Doe 150 was never questioned by any lawyers or any psychiatrists representing Penn State. The Penn State Board of Trustees just paid John Doe 150 as one of 32 such claimants who collected a total of $93 million.

In fact, one of John Doe 150's lawyers, Paul Boni, had even told reporter John Ziegler back in 2016 that he knew of no "direct irrefutable evidence" that Paterno knew about any prior abuse by Sandusky dating back to the 1970s.

"I think you need more than anecdotal evidence or speculative evidence" to attack Paterno, Boni told Ziegler.

This is the fairy tale that Sara Ganim asks us to keep buying. Only the stories just keep getting crazier.

Ralph Cipriano at 12:30 PM


EOG Dedicated
Re: Report Findings....."Penn State had "total disregard" for child sex abuse victims"

SICKENING READING THIS. They all couldn't remember anything that happened to them, actually defended Jerry, until a lawyer and shrink " helped" them remember having oral sex with Jerry 100 times :+clueless


Memory Issues In the Jerry Sandusky Case

By Mark Pendergrast

Like most people, I assumed that Jerry Sandusky must be guilty before I began to research the case in depth. After all, there was that eyewitness of shower abuse, and all those accusers. But I soon came to realize that memory malleability and suggestibility were central to how the allegations against Jerry Sandusky arose, and after in-depth research, I concluded that Sandusky is probably innocent.

What really alerted me initially was reading the trial transcript for June 13, 2012, where I found Dustin Stuble (“Victim 7”) explaining why his testimony had changed from what he said under oath at the grand jury the previous year. “Through counseling and through talking about different events, through talking about things in my past, different things triggered different memories and have had more things come back, and it’s changed a lot about what I can remember today and what I could remember before, because I had everything negative blocked out.”

Aha! I thought. It is obvious that he was in repressed memory therapy. I was right, as Struble himself told me later, and it turned out that repressed memories lay at the core of the case against Sandusky, while other memory issues lay at the heart of the infamous shower scene that got Joe Paterno and Graham Spanier fired.

I write about how human memory works in comprehensive fashion in my new 444-page publication, Memory Warp: How the Myth of Repressed Memory Arose and Refuses to Die., as well as in the 399-page book, The Most Hated Man in America: Jerry Sandusky and the Rush to Judgment. They are “sister” publications that help to inform one another, so I urge people to read both of these books. But I realize that a summary would be helpful before readers delve into the books.

Memory is reconstructive. Our brains do not keep individual memories in one place, ready to be called forth by pulling out the proper mental file or hitting the right mental computer key. Instead, our memories are stored all over our brains, and they must be reconstructed. They are subject to contamination, confusion, change, and outright fabrication. With the proper influence, people can come to envision and believe in emotionally stressful events that never occurred.

Usually, our memories serve us relatively well, however. We tend to remember most clearly the best and worst events. We recall the nice things so that we can seek them out again, and we remember the upsetting events so that we can avoid them in the future. Some people develop post-traumatic stress disorder, which involves being unable to forget severe trauma, but continuing to recall it all too well. So it is not a matter of “repressing” or “dissociating.”

The most dramatic illustration of how destructive false memories can be created occurred during the heyday of the repressed memory epidemic of the late 1980s and 1990s, when many psychotherapists blatantly led their clients to believe that they had suffered years of childhood sexual abuse but had repressed the memories. In many cases, people came to envision being in mythical satanic ritual abuse cults, where they killed and consumed babies and other grotesque fantasies.

Most people think that the repressed memory epidemic is over, but it is not. A majority of Americans and psychotherapists still believe in the myth of repressed memories (or dissociated memories, as they are often called), and, according to a recent survey of a large cross-section of Americans, about 8 percent of those going to therapy in this decade came to believe that they had suffered child abuse that they had completely forgotten, then recalled in the course of therapy.

Thus, it is not surprising that the theory of repressed memory – the idea that people often totally forget abuse though some mental defense mechanism and then remember it later – lies behind some of the Sandusky accusations. I was able to directly interview only one such alleged victim, Dustin Struble, who acknowledged his repressed memories, but there is evidence for memory distortion and/or repressed memories in many others as well. I will go through them here relatively briefly.

Let me emphasize, however, that there were other factors contributing to one of the most amazing and disturbing miscarriages of justice of the 21[SUP]st[/SUP] century. These factors include a media blitz (and blackout of any dissent or inconvenient facts), police trawling and bias, prosecutorial misconduct, a flawed judicial process, illegal leaks, and greed.

I will summarize each of the ten alleged trial victims, some of whom clearly had recovered “repressed memories” of abuse. I’ll take them in the order in which they were numbered, plus Matt Sandusky, who did not testify, but whose story is central to the case.

Aaron Fisher, Victim 1: As a 15-year-old, Aaron Fisher initially said that Jerry Sandusky had hugged him to crack his back, with their clothes on. Over the next three years, with the urging of psychotherapist Mike Gillum, Fisher eventually came to “remember” multiple instances of oral sex. Gillum apparently believed that memories too painful to recall lie buried in the unconscious, causing mental illness of all kinds—among them, anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and alcoholism. “They (abuse victims) just want to numb themselves and push away the unpleasant memories,” Gillum wrote in the book, Silent No More. He sought to “peel back the layers of the onion” of the brain to get to abuse memories. Nor did Aaron Fisher have to tell him anything. Gillum would guess what happened and Fisher only had to nod his head or say Yes. “I was very blunt with him when I asked questions but gave him the ability to answer with a yes or a no, that relieved him of a lot of burden,” Gillum wrote. In the same book, Aaron Fisher recalled: “Mike just kept saying that Jerry was the exact profile of a predator. When it finally sank in, I felt angry.”

Fisher explained that “I was good at pushing it (memories of abuse) all away . . . Once the weekends [with Jerry] were over, I managed to lock it all deep inside my mind somehow. That was how I dealt with it until next time. Mike has explained a lot to me since this all happened. He said that what I was doing is called compartmentalizing. . . . I was in such denial about everything.” Without the three years of therapy with Mike Gillum, it is unlikely that Aaron Fisher would ever have accused Jerry Sandusky of sexual abuse, and the case would never have gone forward.

Allan Myers (“Victim 2”) was the teenager in the shower in February 2001, when Mike McQueary heard slapping sounds that he interpreted as sexual. In fact, they were the sounds of Myers and Sandusky slap boxing or snapping towels at one another. McQueary did not see Sandusky and the boy together in the shower – he only caught a glimpse of the boy in a mirror. He changed his memory nearly ten years later when the police told him that Sandusky was a serial molester. McQueary, like many people, did not require therapy to distort his memory. Influenced by current attitudes, he came to envision that he had witnessed something he had not actually seen. This is one of the well-known hazards of eyewitness testimony, as experimental psychologist Elizabeth Loftus and others have demonstrated.

We do not know whether Allan Myers was ever in therapy to help retrieve abuse memories. He received several million dollars as one of the alleged Sandusky victims, but he did not testify at the trial, and he has never actually accused Sandusky of molesting him in any kind of detail. Initially, he provided a very strong defense of Sandusky, saying that he had never abused him, before becoming a client of civil attorney Andrew Shubin, who sent most of his Sandusky clients to therapy, quite likely to help retrieve repressed abuse memories. As reporter Sara Ganim wrote in November 2011, Shubin “teamed up with psychologists, social workers and a national child sex abuse organization so that these people [alleged victims] can seek mental help along with possible legal recourse.”

Jason Simcisko (“Victim 3”) told the police that nothing inappropriate had happened with Jerry Sandusky, when he was first interviewed. When the policemen asked if Sandusky had helped him rinse off in the shower, perhaps lifting him up to the showerhead, Simcisko replied, according to the police report: “There might have been something like that. I don’t exactly remember, but it sounds familiar.” This was the beginning of the process of manipulating his memory. At the end of the interview, the police report noted that Simcisko “agreed to call if he recalled anything further.”

By the time of the trial. Simcisko had remembered Sandusky touching his penis numerous times. He explained why he hadn’t revealed this earlier: “Everything that’s coming out now is because I thought about it more. I tried to block this out of my brain for years.” We don’t know for sure whether Simcisko was in psychotherapy or not, but Andrew Shubin was his lawyer.

Brett Houtz (“Victim 4”) did not make any abuse allegations to either his lawyer or the police during initial contact, but he did make allegations during a long subsequent interview with police, during which his lawyer was present. The police inadvertently left the tape recorder on, revealing their grossly leading interview methods, which can sway memory as effectively as psychotherapy. Police investigator Joseph Leiter said, “I know there’s been a rape committed somewhere along the line,” and noted that “it just took repetition and repetition” to get Aaron Fisher to say anything. He said that the police would routinely tell prospective victims: “Listen, this is what we found so far. You fit the pattern of all the other ones. This is the way he operates and the other kids we dealt with have told us that this has happened after this happened. Did that happen to you?” This is a classic illustration of “confirmation bias,” in which the police had already predetermined in their own minds what that truth was. And in this case, Leiter was intent on getting Houtz to say that Sandusky had forced him into oral sex. Eventually, Houtz did just that.

At the end of the interview, the police asked Houtz to try to remember more. “What usually happens is when you start to think about things…it may be 3 o’clock in the morning, tonight, and you go, Oh, my gosh, I remember this or I remember that or whatever.” In that case, Houtz should call them. “Sometimes things come up and you remember more things in detail.”

By the time Houtz testified in devastating fashion at the trial, he was in therapy with Mike Gillum. During the trial, Houtz said, “I have spent, you know, so many years burying this in the back of my mind forever.” It is not clear if he was talking about repressed memories, but it certainly sounds like it. On the other hand, Houtz had a long-standing reputation as a manipulative liar, and his father had initially contacted his lawyer with an obvious eye on money.

Michal Kajak (“Victim 5”) made allegations during his first contact with the police. We have no way of knowing whether Michal Kajak was in repressed memory therapy. By the time he spoke to the police on June 7, 2011, however, the abuse allegations against Sandusky had been publicized by reporter Sara Ganim, who had also contacted Zachary Konstas’s mother, who had, in turn, suggested that the police interview Kajak as a potential victim. We also know that Zach Konstas’s sister had already talked to Kajak about the allegations.

At any rate, Kajak said, according to a police report, that “he did not want to remember this stuff.” Kajak finally said that Sandusky had taken his hand and placed it on Sandusky’s erection for a few seconds during this single shower they took together. His story then was amplified somewhat over time, including a three-year shift in when the abuse allegedly occurred.

It is possible that Kajak, in envisioning the single time he had showered with Sandusky, convinced himself that this had happened. It is also possible that he spoke with his friend Dustin Struble, who was “remembering” his own abuse and might have helped him with his own shower story. Kajak’s allegations do not fit the modus operandi that the police otherwise thought Sandusky used. He was supposed to have “groomed” boys carefully before attempting more overt sexual abuse. The idea that Sandusky would have acted this way during the very first shower must have seemed odd, even to the police.

Zachary Konstas (“Victim 6”) never actually claimed that Sandusky abused him, although under the influence of the investigation and trial, he came to believe that Sandusky had “groomed” him for abuse in a 1998 shower. The day after the shower, Konstas emphatically denied that any abuse had taken place. Over the subsequent years, Konstas expressed his admiration and gratitude to Jerry Sandusky for his role in his life through notes and greeting cards. In 2009, as a twenty-three-year-old, Konstas wrote: “Hey Jerry just want 2 wish u a Happy Fathers Day! Greater things are yet 2 come!” Later that year he wrote: “Happy Thanksgiving bro! I’m glad God has placed U in my life. Ur an awesome friend! Love ya!”

But Zachary Konstas’s perceptions were altered drastically between the fall of 2010 and June 2012. As Allan Myers did, Konstas got a lawyer. Although he never accused Sandusky of sexually abusing him, but he made it sound as though the coach had wanted to, that Sandusky had been “grooming” him for abuse. He also implied that perhaps Sandusky had abused him, but that he, Konstas, had forgotten it. Konstas may have come to believe that he had “repressed” the memories. He had asked his friend, Dustin Struble (“Victim 7”) “if [he] remembered anything more, if counseling was helping,” and Konstas himself was clearly undergoing psychotherapy. At Sandusky’s sentencing hearing, he said, “I have been left with deep, painful wounds that you caused and had been buried in the garden of my heart for many years.”

Konstas’s attorney, Howard Janet, explained in an interview how Konstas and the other alleged victims could “create a bit of a Chinese wall in their minds. They bury these events that were so painful to them deep in their subconscious.”

Zachary Konstas may not have recovered specific memories of abuse, but his reinterpretation of his past, along with implications that he may have repressed the memories, were enough for the jury to find Sandusky guilty of planning to abuse him.

Dustin Struble (“Victim 7”) admitted to me that he was in repressed memory, and his trial testimony makes that obvious as well. He had no abuse memories until the police contacted him, and he considered Sandusky a friend and mentor until then. State Trooper Joseph Leiter interviewed Struble for the first time on February 3, 2011. By that time Struble had been thinking about the way Sandusky used to put his hand on his knee while driving, and now he thought he remembered Sandusky moving his hand slowly up towards his crotch sometimes. And other times, he thought Sandusky may have been trying to slide his hand down his back under his underwear waistband. Yes, he had taken showers with Sandusky, but nothing sexual had taken place there. He’d given him bear hugs at times, but not in the shower. They had wrestled around, but Sandusky had never touched him inappropriately.

At the end of the interview, Leiter was excited that Struble was open to the idea that Sandusky might have abused him, but that wasn’t enough. In ending the interview he “advised Struble that as he recalls events to please contact me and we can set up another interview. Also, if he begins having difficulties with his memories to contact me so that assistance can be found.” Struble entered psychotherapy less than three weeks later.

By the time of the trial, Struble had changed his story, asserting that Sandusky gave him bear hugs, washed his hair in the shower, and then dried him off. He said that Sandusky had put his hand down his pants and touched his penis in the car, that Sandusky had grabbed him in the shower and pushed the front of his body up against the back of Dustin’s body. On the stand, he explained: “That doorway that I had closed has since been re-opening more. More things have been coming back…. Through counseling and different things, I can remember a lot more detail that I had pushed aside than I did at that point.” Struble went on to explain more about how his repressed memories had returned in therapy. He further explained: “The more negative things, I had sort of pushed into the back of my mind, sort of like closing a door, closing—putting stuff in the attic and closing the door to it. That’s what I feel like I did.”

In 2014, I interviewed Struble in his home in State College, PA. In a follow-up email, he wrote: “Actually both of my therapists have suggested that I have repressed memories, and that’s why we have been working on looking back on my life for triggers. My therapist has suggested that I may still have more repressed memories that have yet to be revealed, and this could be a big cause of the depression that I still carry today. We are still currently working on that.”

Phantom Victim (“Victim 8”) is the product of double hearsay testimony that should never have been allowed at the trial. A janitor named Ron Petrosky said that another janitor, Jim Calhoun, had told him in the fall of 2000 that he saw Sandusky giving oral sex to a young boy in a Penn State locker room shower. By the time of the June 2012 trial, Calhoun had Alzheimer’s and could not testify, but the judge allowed Petrosky to do so. Sandusky was found guilty of molesting this unidentified boy.

But in a taped interview on May 15, 2011, Jim Calhoun had told the police that Sandusky was not the man he saw giving oral sex to a young man in the shower. The defense apparently had not listened to the tape and never entered it into evidence in the trial.

Sabastian Paden (“Victim 9”) came forward after the explosive Grand Jury Presentment became public on November 4, 2011, and the Office of the Attorney General publicized a hotline for prospective Sandusky victims. At that point, it was clear to civil lawyers and alleged victims that there was a possible financial windfall to be had.

Paden’s changed attitude towards Sandusky occurred incredibly quickly, after his mother called his school to ask them to contact the police. When the police appeared at his door, Paden denied having been abused. Sometime in October 2011, the high school senior was seated in Beaver Stadium beside Sandusky, enjoying a Penn State football game with a friend. Less than a month later, however, Paden rocked the grand jury with accounts of his former life as a virtual captive in the Sandusky basement, where he claimed to have screamed for help, to no avail, even though the basement was not soundproofed and there was no way to lock him down there. Paden said that he was forced to perform oral sex on numerous occasions, and that Sandusky attempted anal intercourse over sixteen times, with actual penetration at times.

It is unlikely that repressed memory therapy was involved in encouraging Sabastian Paden’s memories, at least at the outset, since his grotesque allegations arose within just a few days of his mother’s initial phone call. It is instead likely that he was either telling the truth or that he was consciously lying, at the urging of his mother and in search of remuneration and sympathetic attention.

Ryan Rittmeyer (“Victim 10”) also responded to the Sandusky hotline after the case exploded in the media. He had been incarcerated twice—for burglary in 2004, at age seventeen, and in September 2007, when he was twenty, for burglary and assault. He and a teenager assaulted an elderly man on the street, punching him in the face and leaving him with permanent injuries. Rittmeyer was sentenced to twenty-one months in prison and was released in 2009. At the time of the trial, he was married, with a pregnant wife. After he called the hotline, Rittmeyer was represented by lawyer Andrew Shubin.

At his first police interview with officer Michael Cranga on November 29, 2011, Rittmeyer said that Jerry Sandusky had groped him in a swimming pool. Then, while driving a silver convertible, Sandusky had allegedly opened his pants to expose his penis and told Rittmeyer to put it in his mouth. When he refused, Sandusky became angry and told him that if didn’t do it, Rittmeyer would never see his family again. “His life went downhill” subsequently, Cranga wrote in his report, which Rittmeyer apparently blamed on this traumatic event.

During his grand jury testimony on December 5, 2011, Rittmeyer changed and amplified his story. Now he said that something sexual occurred almost every time he saw Sandusky throughout 1997, 1998, and part of 1999, once or twice a month. Finally, Rittmeyer said that he eventually complied and gave Sandusky oral sex, and vice versa.

Jerry Sandusky never owned any kind of convertible, nor was it likely that he borrowed or rented one, which would have been quite out of character for him. The Ryan Rittmeyer testimony, filled with inconsistencies as well as a mythical silver convertible, appears even more questionable because the Sanduskys said that they couldn’t even remember him, whereas they readily admitted knowing the other Second Mile accusers. He may have been one of the Second Mile kids who came to their home, but Dottie Sandusky didn’t know his name, and Jerry Sandusky said that if he met him on the street, he would not recognize him.

There was apparently no repressed memory therapy necessary in Rittmeyer’s case, though it is likely that Shubin sent him for subsequent counseling.

Matt Sandusky didn’t testify at trial, so he never received a victim number. The last of the six children to be adopted by Dottie and Jerry Sandusky, at the age of 18, Matt had supported his accused parent during the investigation. In 2011 he had testified in front of the grand jury that his adoptive father had never abused him. But in the middle of the June 2012 trial, apparently after entering psychotherapy, he “flipped,” going to the police to say that Jerry Sandusky had abused him.

Matt told the police that he was working with a therapist and that “memories of his abuse are just now coming back,” according to the NBC announcer who played portions of the leaked interview tape. When the police asked whether Sandusky had sodomized him or forced him into oral sex, Matt answered: “As of this time, I don’t recall that.”

But by the time Matt appeared on Oprah Winfrey’s television show in 2014, he had remembered oral sex. He made it clear to Winfrey that he had not recalled sexual abuse until he was in repressed memory therapy, but this apparently did not make her skeptical in the least. “So based upon what you’re telling me,” Winfrey said to him, “you actually repressed a lot of it.” And Matt replied, “Uh-huh, absolutely. The physical part is the part that, you know, you can erase.”

When she asked him about first coming forward to talk to the police during the trial, he said, “It was a confusing time.” It wasn’t as if he heard Brett Houtz and all his own abuse memories came rushing back. “My child self had protected my adult self,” he explained. “My child self was holding onto what had happened to me—and taken that from me—so I, I didn’t have the memory of—I didn’t have these memories of the sexual abuse—or with him doing all of the things that he did.”

As he listened to the testimony of Brett Houtz and other alleged victims, he felt somehow that “they were telling my story,” but he apparently didn’t remember abuse right away. “They were telling—you know, all of these things start coming back to you, yes, [and] it starts to become very confusing for me and you try and figure out what is real and what you’re making up.”

In summary, then, repressed memories were key to many of the Sandusky accusations, including the first case which was also the only case for the first two years of the investigation. Then, when Mike McQueary’s memory of the 2001 shower morphed into actually seeing abuse, the police began a frantic search for more alleged victims, who were “developed,” as prosecutor Jonelle Eshbach put it, through suggestive, leading interview tactics and civil lawyer and therapist involvement. The jurors did not have the information they needed to evaluate the spoken testimony in its proper context. If they had known how the testimony was nurtured and created, their opinions about the authenticity of the event might have been altered.

Instead, as we know, they found Sandusky guilty. After the verdict, Pennsylvania Attorney General Linda Kelly held a triumphant press conference outside the courthouse, during which she referred directly to the importance of repressed memories in the Sandusky case: “It was incredibly difficult for some of them to unearth long-buried memories of the shocking abuse they suffered at the hands of this defendant.”




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Re: Report Findings....."Penn State had "total disregard" for child sex abuse victims"

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Another Sandusky-Related Victim Of The Abuse Myth

By Mark Pendergrast

The Jerry Sandusky case continues to make news and ruin lives and careers. It is so toxic that even the most blatantly fraudulent hearsay becomes national headline news. Now Greg Schiano, Ohio State's defense coordinator, has been vilified without any justification whatsoever and has become a pariah.

Schiano had been selected as the next head football coach at the University of Tennessee. His hiring was to be announced on Sunday night, Nov. 26, 2017. Instead, after a series of rumor-mongering tweets and political grandstanding, and a graffiti-covered rock on campus proclaiming “SCHIANO COVERED UP CHILD RAPE AT PENN STATE,” he was abruptly dropped like a hot potato.

Why? Because of Mike McQueary, who changed his memory from hearing slapping sounds in a shower (of Sandusky snapping towels with a 13-year-old boy) to witnessing sexual abuse, ten years after the event. And because McQueary then massaged his memory yet again two years ago in a deposition for a civil case, and recalled someone else (assistant coach Tom Bradley) allegedly telling him that Schiano, who was an assistant coach at Penn State from 1990 to 1995, had supposedly said that he saw Sandusky doing something bad to a boy in a shower.

So this is 25 years ago he said he said he said he saw something. Both Bradley and Schiano deny ever having heard anything about Sandusky abusing anyone.

That’s because Schiano never said such a thing to Bradley, and Bradley said no such thing to McQueary.

And Sandusky did no such thing. The real story here is too much for the mass media to acknowledge. The media are invested in the narrative of Jerry Sandusky the serial pedophile, the Monster. But guess what? The imprisoned former Penn State football coach may be an innocent man, a victim of a moral panic fed by the sensationalistic media, police trawling, memory-warping psychotherapy, and greed, as I document in my book, The Most Hated Man in America: Jerry Sandusky and the Rush to Judgment.

It is a fascinating, complex case that richly deserves this book-length treatment. Thus, I am unlikely to convince anyone in an article. (But see this link to a good summary article already available on this website.) Nonetheless, I can’t keep silent when yet another career is being ruined through slanderous triple-hearsay about crimes that never occurred in the first place.

In the hothouse atmosphere of college football, politics, money, and moral panics, the mere mention of the named Sandusky is enough to tarnish anyone. Tennessee bigwigs fell all over themselves condemning Schiano with zero evidence but plenty of mealy-mouthed hypocrisy. One state representative said, “We don’t need a man who has that type of potential reproach in their life as the football coach. It’s egregious to the people.” On the contrary, his statement is what is egregious. Three gubernatorial candidates hastened to condemn Schiano as well, while another politico tweeted that “a Greg Schiano hire would be anathema to all that our University and our community stand for.”

And what does the University stand for? Freedom of expression? Innocent until proven guilty? Or avoiding any controversy like the plague? The latter seems to be the current academic approach. Penn State University threw in excess of $100 million at virtually anyone who claimed to be a Sandusky victim, without any investigation, in the same sort of mad rush to keep up appearances.

We could all be accused via triple-hearsay of a non-existent crime, especially if we ever had anything to do with Jerry Sandusky – or Mike McQueary, it appears.

--Mark Pendergrast is the author of The Most Hated Man in America and many other books. You can write to him via his website,


Dell Dude

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Re: Report Findings....."Penn State had "total disregard" for child sex abuse victims"

What took you so long, Bruce?


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Re: Report Findings....."Penn State had "total disregard" for child sex abuse victims"

Maybe one day Jay will have the balls to say out loud what he believes, Jerry is innocent and the whole case is a myth

Here We Go Again

by Jay Paterno on November 30, 2017 5:00 AM

Click photo for gallery

"By the time someone gets here in 2014, it will be just a distant memory" -- Former Penn State Board of Trustees Chair Karen Peetz in 2012.
Just weeks from 2018 the “it” Karen Peetz was talking about resurfaced with a vengeance from an unlikely place—Knoxville, Tennessee. So much for this all being “just a distant memory.”
The narrative set in motion in 2011, no matter how false, remains a threat that’s always just around the corner. For those in Tennessee and around the country just joining us, the conspiracy charges and cover-up narrative were refuted by legal experts and more importantly rejected in the courts.
But we have entered a time in America where any and all slanderous arrows aimed at people of great character find their mark if it fits our agenda. We no longer weigh the credibility of the accuser versus that of the accused. If we want to believe it, we do.
This past Sunday another example emerged. Tennessee’s plan to hire Ohio State defensive coordinator Greg Schiano as the Volunteers’ head coach exploded when some fans protested on campus and on social media using a discredited story from the Sandusky scandal. Not surprisingly, opportunistic politicians jumped in too.
While those fans congratulated themselves for turning back the hire, they ignored that their voices raised a lie that attacked a man of character. I understand why they may believe that lie. Penn State’s administration has acted repeatedly in ways which aided that flawed rush to judgment.
Although Tennessee’s administration knew the story wasn’t true, they chose to heed the virtual pitchforks and torches.
The story that resurfaced Sunday was hearsay in a deposition from Mike McQueary involving former Penn State assistant coaches Tom Bradley and Greg Schiano. Both Bradley and Schiano issued denials over a year ago. The allegation was looked into during the attorney general’s investigation and deemed to lack credibility.
Knowing and having worked with all three men, I firmly believe those denials, and for good reason. In the same deposition, Mike McQueary mentioned me in a statement that is not true.
Yet on Sunday, someone painted an allegation of a cover-up of child rape at Penn State on a big rock on Tennessee’s campus. Everything painted on that rock was a lie.
But we have come to a time and place in America where often the truth no longer matters. We demand that people we dislike offer proof beyond all reasonable doubt that they are innocent of every slanderous statement ever uttered about them.
Due process? Innocent until proven guilty? Gone.
The vocal masses believe the armor of alleged victimhood gives one ultimate credibility over the rights of the accused. In this age, anyone can post allegations on social media, blindsiding the accused and destroying their presumption of innocence.
To illustrate the attitudes of some in America, consider that on Nov. 11, activist and writer Emily Lindin tweeted “I’m not actually concerned about innocent men losing their jobs over false sexual assault/harassment allegations.”
That statement denying the founding values of this country got more support than you’d hope. Some offered half-baked rationales of support.
Innocent men who lived lives of integrity should never lose their careers over false accusations. The lies impact them and their families. They’ll see their names and lives dragged through the mud. If you’ve ever been on the wrong side of false allegations, you understand my outrage.
A reputation of integrity and honesty built across generations is a treasure more precious than gold. It takes hard work and character to build. But it can be gone unjustly in the blink of an eye by the utterance of false words. And the damage endures. The stain is nearly impossible to ever wash from your life, while the mob walks away unscathed to the next outrage.
Today’s social media mob is no more intelligent than the forces that overran Salem or those behind vigilante lynchings in this country. Across centuries human nature has changed little, but the tools of attack are more wide-reaching than before.
In 2011 and now in 2017 the problem was and remains compounded by the rabbit ears of people in positions of leadership. How can we ever hope to lead when reactionary leaders retreat from the core values of due process and right and wrong in the face of unjust social media outrage?
Sports Illustrated’s Peter King summed it up best on Monday: “Innuendo won. The witch hunters won. It is a sad day in America.”
Peter King is right. But the sad days at Penn State began years ago and they continue. The reputations of many good people have been assaulted by innuendo and witch hunters. Greg Schiano is just the latest to have to face these unfair attacks based on lies.
Almost four years after Karen Peetz promised “it” would be a distant memory the specter still rises.
Only the strong will stand to defend truth. What happened here is an example of what is happening nationwide. In America the ranks of those brave enough to withstand the surge of social media outrage are thinning.
That is not something we want trending.,1474639/#


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Re: Report Findings....."Penn State had "total disregard" for child sex abuse victims"

Sound like a big couple of weeks coming

From John : Part 3 of the newly/finally released WATZ podcast provides an important update on the incredibly frustrating/soul-crushing quest to get the full truth of the "Penn State Scandal" into the mainstream media before HBO's bogus "Paterno" movie airs in April.

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Re: Report Findings....."Penn State had "total disregard" for child sex abuse victims"

Sound like a big couple of weeks coming

From John : Part 3 of the newly/finally released WATZ podcast provides an important update on the incredibly frustrating/soul-crushing quest to get the full truth of the "Penn State Scandal" into the mainstream media before HBO's bogus "Paterno" movie airs in April.

Hey, John. I'd rather be blocked than muted. Thanks.


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Re: Report Findings....."Penn State had "total disregard" for child sex abuse victims"

More disturbing:

railbird or brucefan?


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Re: Report Findings....."Penn State had "total disregard" for child sex abuse victims"

More disturbing:

railbird or brucefan?

Brucefan for the limit.

Some of Railbirds stuff is shtick, this Bruce guy really lives and believes it. Guarantee he thinks about it every single day.


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Re: Report Findings....."Penn State had "total disregard" for child sex abuse victims"

lol Honored . Where do I pick up my award ?

Come on Newsweek, do the right thing


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Re: Report Findings....."Penn State had "total disregard" for child sex abuse victims"

I'm a huge Brucefan fan

In a place filled with deranged psychotic lunatics , this guy is the most unhinged of them all.

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