Say goodbye to daub eyelash eyelash grow surgery

Thick and long eyelashes for eyes adds a lot of glorious, now a lot of young girls to daily daub eyelash to cream to make eyelash thick, but mascara makeup every day, very troublesome.And more people chose grafting and planting eyelash eyelash, one pace reachs the designated position make eyelash to become beautiful.At present, in the market after the price is in 100 yuan to 200 yuan of eyelash, can maintain ranging from 1 to 2 months, while planting eyelash high of more than ten thousand yuan, but he can keep the advantages of life, and nature, there would be no discharge makeup every day.Lenses has become a common makeup tools, the amplification effect is very obvious.A lot of people will buy different color lenses, such as eyelash cream and latisse,latisse generic buy online from our webiste or amzon, let themselves is full of novelty every day .But please pay attention to the collocation of color lenses and eye shadow.Such as brown and black eye is most suitable for the gold copper or warm brown eye shadow.The proper color collocation will make the eyes bigger and more beautiful.

Based on existing eyelash transplant, the priority is the direction of eyelash transplant, prevent the phenomenon of trichiasis, hold good transplant Angle (i.e., and 30-40 degree Angle to the horizontal line), in order to achieve the effect of natural beauty.Normally, 40-50 degree can, on one side of the transplantation after transplantation of eyelash will keep the characteristics of the hair, constantly growing, so must be periodically shaping.

Eyebrows and transplantation in the same way, transplantation, carefully looking for under a microscope and feature extraction and eyelash similar short fluff, which requires the separation of personnel of technology must be superb.Through successful transplantation of eyelash, natural, no scar, give you the greatest satisfaction.Grafting is adhesive, and planting eyelash is out under your scalp hair follicles to implant the root ministry of eyelash, this will grow very long, not quite natural, had just finished a need pruning, to a certain degree of it won't long, because no scalp ocular Mao Xiang Mao Xiang nutrition, so three months after the length of the basic and to make up what you want.