UAW Plans Suicide Bombing of Economy

UAW Plans Suicide Bombing of Economy

By John Ransom


On a day that Toyota has announced plans for a possible shutdown in the US because of supply problems in Japan, the United Auto Workers said that they are on the verge of the "largest boycott in the history of the global economy," according to the Michigan's Royal Oak Daily Tribune. The UAW is organizing the boycott to protest the refusal of transnational automakers to unionize employees in the US.

The head of the union, Bob King, has admitted that declining union membership rolls means that if the UAW doesn't "organize these transnationals, I don't think there's a long-term future for the UAW ? I really don't."

He's given foreign automakers including BMW, Volkswagen AG, Toyota and Nissan an offer they can't refuse: Unionize their workers or else he'll single out one automaker and put the screws to them with a boycott. Never mind that the boycott will hurt workers, consumers and the economy.

?This will be the biggest campaign ever undertaken. It will involve hundreds of dealerships,? said Dennis Williams, UAW Secretary Treasurer, adding the union will ask for help from its retirees, community groups and other unions to help with the campaign, says the Tribune.

?We will do whatever it takes,? said Williams.

Toyota alone has about 25,000 workers in the US. During supply shutdowns Toyota has a policy in place to to continue to pay workers.

?You can?t have a middle class here in the U.S. or around the world without organized labor,? said Williams.

The Tribune reports that "he UAW has 'enhanced' it relationships with unions in Germany, Japan and South Korea to help with the upcoming campaign."

In other words, King is uniting the "Workers of the World."

If they can't get what they want at the negotiating table, the UAW will now try the economic equivalent of a suicide bombing of the economy. Never mind that they already destroyed the US automakers and their employees.

I like it much better when they just hold their breath until they turned blue like they did in Madison.

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Re: UAW Plans Suicide Bombing of Economy

Editorial: Union Thuggery Run Amok

Posted 03/24/2011 06:48 PM ET

Big Labor: Having lost its war on economics, the SEIU has declared war on the economy. Literally. One of its top minds was caught vowing to crash the stock market to redistribute wealth. Is this a union or a subversive group?

Six years ago, after breaking from the AFL-CIO, the Service Employees International Union was hailed as a new kind of organization, whose dynamic leader Andy Stern would make labor strong again. His union vowed to increase its "political muscle to pressure entrenched politicians who didn't vote in the interests of their members," wrote Matt Bai in his 2007 book, "The Argument."

Today, it's all over. One of the leading lights of SEIU-thought, Stephen Lerner, declared last week at Pace University: "Unions are almost dead. We cannot survive doing what we do."

But that didn't mean introspection, or renewed efforts to persuade the public. Union frustration, as Bai wrote, meant it was time to "blow the place up."

Lerner has a "secret plan" scheduled for May to "destabilize" the U.S. economy to redistribute wealth.

"What does the other side fear most?" Lerner asked. "They fear disruption, they fear uncertainty."

It was crazy talk, but with specific aims: a mass mortgage strike and student loan default to crash banks such as JPMorgan, which SEIU has been trying to unionize since at least 2007. Nevermind what a stock market crash to teach Wall Street a lesson would do to workers' pensions.

Although Lerner was edged out of the union late last year shortly after Stern left, it wasn't because his idea was too vile. It was because his many ideas cost too much. It's an indicator that Lerner's talk has been going on at that union for years and beyond.

Lerner's had face time with high-level White House officials over the past two years, in at least two documented meetings. His close colleague Stern got even more.

And right about now, the SEIU, still furious about its failed Wisconsin strike, has begun to take on a radicalism that stands to take the rest of the economy hostage.

This week, a screaming union mob stormed ESSA Bank in Stroudsburg, Pa., over a banker's hospital board stance on a labor issue. It had nothing to do with the bank — and everything to do with terrorizing the banker into submission.

A week earlier, food company Sodexo USA filed a suit against SEIU, accusing it of extortion and "dirty tricks." Among other things, union thugs are accused of flinging plastic cockroaches over the company's meals and terrorizing patients about rat droppings in their food to muscle Sodexo workers into its union.

Then there are the two SEIU leaders in Chicago whose close ties with terrorist groups Hamas and Colombia's FARC are under FBI probe. Sound like a merger?

They're all disturbing signs of a union going mad over its own irrelevance and taking up more goonish tactics. Whatever it is, it has no place in civil society, and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


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