Winkyduck Challenge for March....presented by Winkyduck (Winkyduck is our March contestant)


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Over 30,000 lies, 21 per day, I'll give him credit, that's very hard to do

hopefully he gets to 33,000 before the next election. kind of a masonic domination thing. I'll feel confident your Jewish buddies put the fix in for him. Or to put it another way, held your side back from rampant ballot stuffing.

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Fuck this shit. No Fagduel requirement. If I made bets, cut and piss whatever book. Already had this:

Eagles +7 -114
Eagles +250

Now these:

Eagles and under 52.5 +479
Giants and under 7 +357
Navy +10.5 -110
Navy +330
Syracuse +13.5 -110
Syracuse +470
Oregon -13.5 -110
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144 Minnesota +154
159 Air Force +159
169 BYU +190
172 Missouri +267
264 Detroit +159
272 Patriots +163
276 Titans +210
All money lines from Pinnacle

4-10 (-1.9)


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i believe how it works is - just as blacks have license to use the n-word at will, jews, even one only a fraction of, are allowed to say anything as long as faith qualified first.

just don't go weinstein and you're fine!

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Only $100 invested but this is sirius coin if I go Hans Solo. Perhaps walkoff quality. If I lift the trophy one contest, I lift them all.


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My card for the weekend, similar to Kane; already won with Cuse +14 and have SJST +10 pending.....

Air Force +4
Eastern Michigan +1
Auburn over 54
A&M under 59.5
Mizzu +11
Purdue +11.5
Duke +11
Arizona +6.5
BG +9.5
NW +2.5
Washington -1
Tennessee +3
Utah +1

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Sparty -4 -104
Dick Army +14-112
Nebraska -4.5 -107
Rutgers -2.5 -108
Coach Gundy +150
Iowa -11.5 -105
Georgia -21.5 -103

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I have no chance unless I go +19 in wins so no reason to throw bombs randomly. Here are my rooster selections.

Miami Florida +232
Dick Army +438
UCLA +117
BYU +173
Missouri +325
Fuck you Saban +646
LSU +363