WMD found in Iraq?

Re: WMD found in Iraq?

WAIT ONE COTTON-PICKING MINUTE! You guys trash the NY Times as being a liberal rag. But once they print an article you like, suddenly it's newsworthy. You can't have it both ways. Since you don't acknowledge the Times as being legitimate, I can't comment.
Re: WMD found in Iraq?

Her name is HILLARY, get used to it. She's only guilty of going along with the dumb dumbs that forged the evidence.
Re: WMD found in Iraq?

Mrs. Bill Clinton has a habit of going along with lies. Bill made a fool out of her for all of her adult life, then she was fooled by the idiot George W. Bush, and then she was told and believed that a video caused 4 American's to die in Bengazi. First she believed a pathological liar, then she listened to and went along with an idiot, then she failed to ask any person on the ground in Libya about what happened?
Re: WMD found in Iraq?

You submitted a well worded response. Not bad for a conservative with a minor education. But it was all wrong! Hillary doesn't "Go along" with anybody. She's the Alpha politician. And she wears the pants in the family . . . just like your wife . . .