10 for Saturday

Yes, Ive gone off my rocker. If I dont have much to say during the games tomorrow, it will be because Ill be locked in a padded cell I have had specially constructed for days such as this. Dont advise blind follows because only a deranged, self hating psychopath would play this many, and these types of games. Please remember me in your prayers.

Not gonna write these up for obvious reasons..... like sleep, for one. Maybe just a note or two.

504 - George Mason -5 vs Northeastern (-120)

Guard Vaughn was concussed in the last game. Very close and dissapointing loss for GM who is much better at home.

522 - St.Joes -6 vs LaSalle (-120)

For a team that has lost its big guy and has a losing record LaSalle is getting a lot of respect here.

538 - S.Carolina -2 @ Alabama

South Carolina much better and will pad thier resume at a reeling Bama. Just gotta win.

551 - Cincinatti +16 1/2 @ Pittsburgh

Whoa ..... thats a boatload of points for a team that has a winning record in a monster conference, and a few on the road ta boot. Pittsburgh getting Bearcats for a W.Va/UConn panini sandwich.

563 - Fla.St. +8 1/2 @ Wake Forest

"They did it before and they can do it again....". This can be said of the potential upsetters as well as the upsettees. Pretty good D from FSU these days as well.

566 - Cal -6 vs Stanford

We get the Cal home refs in this one. Even if its fair, they are better and should get revenge.

567 - Miss St. +3 @ Auburn

Better team getting points. Some Auburn high points this year but Im betting this is not one of them. Miss St continues its dominance.

617 - N.Iowa pk @ Wichita St.

Back on the NI gravy train after they've pulled out of thier letdown period.

657 - Portland +9 @ St.Marys

One close loss at home vs an overated Gonzaga team and every one has forgotten who Patrick "whats his name" is. Portland is in the hunt and hungry for the other cheek of that St.Marys ass.
Good thing Im not catholic.

679 - Montana +2 @ N.Arizona

Montana streaking right now and not about to put thier clothes back on just because NAU gave them a scare at home last time out.

:maniac: Please foreward any condolances to Bellvue. :maniac:

Good luck to all you who havnt lost your minds.........yet.
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Sometimes Quebb. Its tempting, but to be honest I was so punch drunk after capping this card and coming up with so many plays that I just bet them all straight without giving the money line any thought (my bad). Sometimes two points on the road can make a big difference though. But Id definitly do it on a home team getting 2 pts.
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Vernon Goodridge is their big guy. Mbala is important, but not as important as Goodridge and Rodney Green. I think LaSalle should still cover. Big 5 game, could go either way, SJU is overrated, LaSalle has had some tough losses this year. SJU has no depth, Nivins is their only big guy, so why would they dominate the boards. LaSalle's smallest starter is 6-foot-5.
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No prob Gyno. Im not exactly mister excitment though. I think Benny is making it out in March. Maybe we could set up a regular EOG get together and catch a meal and some games one day.

sounds good man.. Need to get my shit together and make it out there, only a 3.5 hour drive from where I'm at...

Im not mr.excitement, benny probably is.. I talk with him on the phone everyday, guy sounds wild.
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Vernon Goodridge is their big guy. Mbala is important, but not as important as Goodridge and Rodney Green. I think LaSalle should still cover. Big 5 game, could go either way, SJU is overrated, LaSalle has had some tough losses this year. SJU has no depth, Nivins is their only big guy, so why would they dominate the boards. LaSalle's smallest starter is 6-foot-5.
Golly Junkie, maybe you got me on that one. I just read the leading rebounder was out and went off half cocked and called him big. My mistake, but I believe St Joes has a "big man" who is 6'9 and if Mbala is the leading rebounder at 6'7 then what are all those other guys doing. He is a big loss with a lot of experience and a big part of La Salles team. I guess a couple of points added to a modest 4 pt home court advantage is too much for a team that is 7-1 in conference vs a team that is 4-5. I believe this line is off even with Mbala so I will take my chances. In fact I already have so theres no point in carrying on any more.
Hope Im not sounding too offended. Just a little embarrassed that you know the personell a little better than me. Its good for everyone to get the right feedback so I appreciate your response. Good luck if you take LaSalle.
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Actually, it's a home game for SJU. The game is at the Palestra, which is where St. Joe's plays their home games this year because the Fieldhouse is getting renovated, but most Big 5 games are usually played here anyway, so that's why LaSalle opted to play it there even though it's their home game. They usually play these games there because it's better than playing at LaSalle. Better atmosphere, Big 5 tradition. So, it's not really neutral, it's actually home for SJU. This is LaSalle's home game but it will count as neutral for RPI, even though it's a road game. Confusing, I know.
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Natty- read my last post about the home/road situation. But, LaSalle doesn't really rely on any one player. I think Rodney Green, their point guard, is their MVP. But Goodridge, who transferred from Miss St, has been disappointing for them this year. He's like 6-10, but Mbala has been better this year. They also have two Williams twins who play and are like 6-8 or 6-9. They're stiffs but once in a while one of them shows up. Their whole lineup is at least 6-5. Ahmad Nivins carries SJU and he's 6-9. He's a beast, but LaSalle has enough size even without Mbala to contain him. SJU plays 2 players at the most off the bench. Govens and Carr are solid, but that's about it. SJU's record is overrated because they haven't played the top teams in the conference yet. They just played Temple on Thurs and lost by 2. They were down 11 with 4 min left and Temple missed a bunch of FT's down the stretch.
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I am an idiot. Did not see that. Going down the rotation schedule game by game and its shows as a home game for St.Joes. This happened to me once at the beginning of the season also. Thanks Guys.... I can always buy it back but will have to comb over it again. 2348ji23e Fuck you Don Best and your printed rotation schedule.
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You're not an idiot. It is LaSalle's home game, but they chose to play it at SJU's home. I know it sounds weird, but that's just how the Big 5 is. The Palestra is like the central hub for Philly BBall.


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Hit'em in the mouth Natty!

I am getting my shit straight to go to Vegas as we speak.

Just had a fabulous night with the lady on the town. Getting down to business with the Vegas trip.
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Thats right get it done early. You have games to watch tomorrow. Priorities my man. Gotta appease the lady though or everything is for naught. Gyno sounds like hes game to get out here too. Good luck tomorrow.

Are you gonna play Portland again? Looks promising to me.


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Natty I don't mean to be a homer or anything but these dudes can jump through the roof. Their first game of the season they beat Washington and Washington will win the Pac-10. Since then they have waxed 8 out of their last nine losing only to Gonzaga which was a DAMN good game until late into the 2nd half.

Sucks we won't see them in the tourney but I will have intrest in them sweeping St. Mary's who is coming off an emotional loss to none other than Gonzaga. OOO Lil Triangle System in effect too.
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Might as well add a couple more since thier so damned good

Nevada -2 @ Hawaii
Thank you VanShady

VCU +1 1/2 @ ODU
Following HoopsJunkie and Big O
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Good luck, Natty :cheers

On Northern Iowa and South Carolina with you. And I'm 80% sure I'm playing Nevada tonight. Going to look at a couple of things and putting that off for now since it's such a late game...