12 College Football Teams for Playoffs are too many…

John Kelly

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A 12-team playoff could come as early as 2024 and no later than 2026.

I agree with VD.

Twelve is too many.

I was okay with two and four.

Could possibly stomach six or even eight.

Twelve is unwieldy.

John Kelly

Born Gambler
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So much for being glued to the television every Saturday in the fall.

We're going to go from every regular season college football game as a do-or-die situation to no regular season college football games being a life-or-death matter.
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southern coach

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I like 6 myself. give the top 2 a bye and let 3-6 play for the 3 and 4 spots. Then if #7 is hollerin' about it. let 'em get over it.. Of course, they gonna' do whatever the bowls will cough up money for and whatever formula will make the most $$. whether they do 6,8 or 12, it would be that many less teams playing in some meaningless bowl to pick up a check with their top players opting out of it.