2019 IIHF World Hockey Championship


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SLovakia +1 -142 Cris 2 units was my first play of the tournament that lost so down -2.84 units going into a small play today

0-1 -2.84

Latvia Under 5 -143 1 unit pinny


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Had to take off after posting .... Because the tournament is in Slovakia JK, Games start at either 715am or 1115am Pacific time weekdays.......... on Weekends during the preliminary rounds starts times on Sat and Sun are 315am, 715am or 1115am Pacific Time ..... Canada scored with 1.8 seconds left to crush the home crowd 6-5.

Some of these competitive games have been a treat so far.
Sharky, good luck. I love Intl competition.

This tournament, however, always left me uneasy. Some guys still in Stanley Cup run, some guys opt to sit out after grueling season. Rosters normally not truly A-level.


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Thanks for the good vibes Chucky ....I like these types of tourneys because they are short in duration, the bigger ice surface brings out the talent of certain players that we can't or don't see in the Northern American game due to different factors such as room and space. I take the different rosters from year to year as a challenge to learn and adapt quick to find value on certain teams or totals
Last year fortunately it worked great, this year is to be continued, still lots of tourney games to go hopefully to show a profit.


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Live After 1st period

Czech-Latvia Under 6.5 -145 2 unit pinny

Adding One Unit to Live Denmark-Finland Under 3.5 -106

so both plays 2 units
Wow huge win for GB avoids being regulated, Sweden total was 6 is a loser .... GB total is a push with the International Hockey 60 minutes lines .... Congrats to Great Britain on a great comeback .... Strange to hear God Save the Queen after an International Hockey Game.
I passed waiting for the playoff round since I haven't done well early in the tourney ....USA in tough with Schneider on net facing a loaded Russian team, if the US has a chance tomorrow it will have to be a higher scoring game for them to win it I believe