2019 ZzyzxRoad Baseball Picks and Road Trip Pictures

I tried doing this same thread last year, and I wound up having a tremendously fun time. The picks started strong and finished with a small loss after I posted too many marginal things in August.
I'm going to start by posting some pictures that I didn't get around to posting last yea
Here is the back story. Last July, I visited Montgomery Pass, the site of an abandoned truck stop/casino. I last visited the place about five years ago. Here's a good article for anyone interested : https://strayngerranger.com/montgomery-pasts/

I took several pictures of the backside of the building here : e0hz8.jpg

I later looked up the artist Thrashbird, who signed the above piece (as well as one on the motel door from the article). I looked up some of my old trip photos from when I visited Goldfield (the town with the weird cars, in case anyone remembers). I was surprised to find this :
I only took a picture of it because I thought it was a neat looking old gas station, but the silhouette is another Thrashbird piece.

iv9z41.jpg After that, I found several more pieces of his, all of them in very random places.
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Finally, an abandoned storage facility in Mcgill, NV

And a fence on Midtown Reno, just south of downtown

I emailed the artist a ways back just to say that I had noticed a great deal of his work in several different places, but I never got a response.


TYVM Morgan William!!!
I'm probably not going to have any good pictures until June
When I fly I like a window seat. This allows me the chance to take some pix I would never get to take anyway else. I flew to Portland and got a great shot of Mt Shasta. Flying to/from HI gives you the chance to get some great pix. I also use a "real" camera and not my phone when taking window seat pix.

The pix you took are great. The thing I like most about them is that at one point in time the places where you took pix were "alive and thriving" and now they are nothing but a "Ghost Town" leaving plenty of stories behind for us to figure out.
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I went up to Vegas, and of course, all but a few of the pictures I took wound up being too out of focus to post. One of these days, I'll get a real camera.
The only ones that came out remotely well are some rock formations on Christmas Tree Pass, and one the filming location from the funniest scene in National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation.


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