2022 death pool

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Ken Burroughs
Houston Oilers legend

Ken Burrough was a wide receiver drafted in the first round of the 1970 NFL draft by the New Orleans Saints. After one season, they traded him to the Houston Oilers where he played for the rest of his career. The speedy receiver was elected to the Pro Bowl twice and had 6,906 receiving yards. He was a big play threat who caught 47 touchdowns which is the second most in Oilers history. He wore jersey number 00 and was the last NFL player to use that number. During the team’s Love Ya Blue period when they went to two consecutive AFC championship games, Burroughs recorded a song called the “Super Bowl Itch.” He was elected to the Black College Football Hall of Fame in 2016.

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This Ukraine stuff is butt~stupid stuff…

Send the billionaires and their bought out politicians up to the front~lines and see what happens…

Putin is a Pussy

Billionaires around the world are creating this stupid~stuff to talk about everything except how much they’re Raping our society of the money they’re sucking out of our society.

Major countries around the world don’t want to hear the words of “Civil~Unrest”…

Our society totally sucks right now…

Those Billionaire Bastards.

Don Quixote

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Excuse me, I should have said putin is a Cunt, not a Pussy…

Putin is just another unwise and uncompassionate corrupt politician with way, way, way too much power.


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Add two more to the list:

Tim Considine from My Three Sons, dead at age 81
Johnny Brown from Good Times (Buffalo Butt) dead at age 84


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Russian elites not happy with what is going on. Is their loyalty to Putin greater than the enjoyment of their lifestyle? Not a chance.