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my instinct was telling me this is an absolute winner... I denied it and only took it for 5. But after looking at again and again.... the belief that it'll be a winner persists. Thus,

265. LAC/GSW Under 55.0 for 3Q, $66.00/$60.00.....................
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14-11 , 630
14-12 , 609
16-12 , 600 .... will likely need a 3rd Q fade.... a drop off at the end of the quarter

GS should not be able to continue this pt production to the end of the Q. If so, this is guaranteed loss
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nope, this is toast... fucking stupid. taking an under with one of the highest scoring teams in the league.... made this stupid mistake with Phoenix/GSW ...

35 @ 450 .... 20 spare for push.

no way in hell this goes under unless they slow it down or tons of misses. dumb dumb dumb
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Entire world is on Kashima and expects them to win big. They've lost their last 2 matches and got blasted 4-1 by Suwon. Most likely Kashima wins this at home, but I don't expect it will be a thrashing that everybody is striving for. I expect a max 1 goal win by Kashima.... with a very fair shot at a tie.

269. SHANGHAI +1.0 > KASHIMA, $172.00/$175.44....................