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12-8 , 740
14-8 , 720 ... what are the odds of getting a drought in here? it's the only way
14-8 , 702

14-8 , 655
14-12 , 600 ...... 26 ... 25 spare for a push

this is 40-60 right now.... when will there be a drop off???
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the max wager on the -1.5 is 220 bucks.... so had to split these up between the ML and the 1.5 line. really do think that's a bunch of faaggery that the limit is only 220

388. CRONULLA -1.5 > NEWCASTLE, $216.48/$196.80......................
389. CRONULLA -ML- > NEWSCASTLE, $125.00/$100.00...................
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6-6 , 2600

Sharks are decimated... I don't know how they'll pull this off. Likely they'll wear down after the length of the game. Giving up the lead instantly was a definite downer.

They are down interchanges, down their premier playmaker, down their forward leader.
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I think this is toast. They don't have a lead to cling to... and if they get down.. forget about it. They'll have to frontrun from here on out. If they get behind, I'd have to imagine it's toast.
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it was not a try... phew

12-6 HT

don't know how in the hell they're going to score. still a chance, but if Newcastle gets the first pts of the 2half.... it will immediately be cooked.

2half line: Sharks -6.0 , -110

if I could bet this, I'd take Newcastle +6.0 for a good chunk