3 for Thursday ... so far

Still no lines available on some games I am interested in but I am down on these for now.

740 - Bowling Green -2 vs Ohio

BG has beaten Ohio twice this year already, and that is a big concern for me in this one but I am going to take it anyway and hope it doesnt bite me in the ass. I dont think BG will take Ohio lightly and they will basically just need to win for a cover here. I am looking at the last ten games in most of these tourney matchups and the home road splits for these two are grossly disparaging. BG is really hot down the stretch and has won all of its last 5 road games SU and ATS while Ohio has lost all five of its road games SU and ATS with the exception of one push.

773 - Wyoming +10 vs New Mexico

Wyoming has been beaten by NM twice this year and in this situation I will look to take advantage of that with a boatload of points in my pocket. Wyoming lost thier home finale or "Senior night" game to NM by one point, it was also thier last game of the regular season. Now they get a shot at knocking them out on a nuetral. Wyoming has covered 6 of thier last 7 games and have played well in the last 3 road games with outright and ATS wins at Col.St and Air Force (yes, bad teams but they are road wins) and an easy ATS cover at SDSU losing by 11. Wyoming has been known to be a dangerous team at times this year so I think they are capable and I know they are motivated to give the Lobos a black eye here. NM is a better team no doubt but this is too many points and Wyoming comes in with a big chip on thier shoulder.

781 - La.Tech PK vs Idaho

Been chirping alot lately about how this team has been undervalued and under the radar so now its time to put my money where my mouth is. These two split thier regular season matchups with each winning on thier home court. La Tech won by 11 and Idaho recently won by 6 in what was La.Techs last game of the regular season. I will side with the slightly hotter team down the stretch which still has the bitter taste of defeat in its mouth. Idaho still had one more game following the LaTech game in which they barely managed to beat Fresno St. in thier Senior night. I am a little more impressed with the body of work La Tech has put together in the last ten games than Idaho. They have a SU road win at Nevada and followed that with an impressive 8 point loss ATS win at Utah St. Also a very nice bracket buster road win at a very good Murray St. They then followed this up with SU and ATS home wins over Boise St. and N.Mex.St.
Idaho is not chopped liver but I think LaTech is better and really hitting thier stride, they will avenge the season ending loss and take a shot at becoming the cinderella of the WAC tournament.

Some of the teams I am hoping to play in the Big East tomorrow are Providence, W.Va, and UConn depending on the lines. These are just leans and I might actually play only one of them. I will almost definitly play Kansas as long as the line is less than 10. I will be looking hard at any under plays in the Big West tourney with a possible play on USCB vs Fullerton should I get a reasonable number. Any insights or helpful comments are encouraged and appreciated.

Good luck everyone. Will be back in the morning with something else Im sure.


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Re: 3 for Thursday ... so far

Thanks Diogee, just worried about the three win thing. Cant find any other reason not to like BG though.
Yeah I hear ya...I usually go against the 3 win thing. Did with S. Bama and Stanford (probably shouldn't have covered). Everything points to BG which can be a bad thing but a good chance I stick with it.


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Re: 3 for Thursday ... so far

Natty did you bet KS game I took it at -8 What lines did you consider resonable for WV and U conn I see +4 1/2 for wv and -5 for u conn is that playable where do you see the lines on these correct ? ?
Re: 3 for Thursday ... so far

Good luck, Natty. :cheers

Know you posted before some of the lines came out... but I'm going to say, I like Pitt or no play with the line at 3.5. Also, I kind of like the Cuse tonight, although I don't think I'll touch them at +5... if the line some how goes to +7, may make a play on the Orange...
Re: 3 for Thursday ... so far

I overslept this morning and fortunately missed getting down on the Kansas game. Up way too late and alarm did not get set. Looks like the gods are looking out for me so far with Kansas getting shelled. Hope they come back for anyone on board. Cant believe the life this Baylor team has found, but seems like someone resurrects from the dead every year. This may be Baylors turn to be Cinderella.

794 - UCSB pk vs Fullerton (1 1/2 unit play)

Even though the Gouchos lost twice this year to Fullerton I think they are still the better team. The double loss is a great reason to like them even more. Fullerton on back to back games with thier penchant for the three ball in this horrible shooting venue is doomed tonight in my opinion.

712 - UConn -5 vs Syracuse

UConn is well rested and eager to get thier one or two respectability appearances before preparing for the REAL tournament. I know Im gonna catch a lot of flack for saying these guys dont give a shit but they dont. They will play hard and would like to win every game yes, but as far as emotional intensity goes they would much rather stay healthy and run practices with lots of strategy sessions than get banged up against teams they play every year. Syracuse did not look all that focused until the Hall made the mistake of lighting a fire under thier punk asses (yes I think they are punks, maybe not the whole team but I dont care for Devendorf or Boeheims willingness to suck his...... whatever). They probably shot thier wad in that game. Ill take UConn to win and think they will take the fight out of the Orange if they get a lead of any substance. Syracuse is a great team no doubt, I just think they lack discipline and character in the long run and UConn is better.
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Natty did you bet KS game I took it at -8 What lines did you consider resonable for WV and U conn I see +4 1/2 for wv and -5 for u conn is that playable where do you see the lines on these correct ? ?
Sorry to see you have Kansas at this point bro, I truly will be hoping they will come back for you. I will lay off the W.Va play. Pitt is worrysome after much second guessing and Im sure they will play strong especially in the first game of this tournament. Still not sure W.Va doesnt give em hell but I will just sit back and watch this one. Should be good.
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Feels like everyone's on BG and yet line has moved from -2 to -1... hmmm....
God I hope it doesnt turn into one of "those" games..... 2348ji23e


794 - UCSB/Fullerton under 137 1/2 (1 1/2 unit play)

As we are aware, the unders come in pretty strong in this tournament. The two earlier games played at 137 at Fullerton with Fullerton hitting 10 of 23 threes the total came in at 120 at UCSB. Now we go to a notoriously under venue and UCSBs strength is defense. They rarely score out of the 60s and we watched Fullerton struggle offensively against Riverside last night. Doubtful they can do much better against the rested Gauchos.
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i got bowlgreen at pk..i dont see how they dont kill em'..at least on paper ha
I worry about this one more than any of the others I have, to tell the truth. But in my case that means little or nothing..... I feel better knowing that win or lose I will be in good company today. Lets cash it. :pop:
Re: 3 for Thursday ... so far

This is just a gut play and I dont think I would recomend it but I will post it for the record should I be lucky and hit it.

709 - W.Va ML +180 vs Pitt ( 1/2 unit)

Love the tough physical defense and the fact that Bob Huggins looks like a mob enforcer on the sidelines. Pitt should be at least a guaranteed 2 if not 1 seed and they sometimes can choke if not entirely focused. W.Va playing for its Tournament life in this one. It is also very difficult for a team to beat another 3 times in a season.
Re: 3 for Thursday ... so far

5-2 for the night natty nice job hitting that under by the half point i like your picks might tail some of them tomorrow.:cheers
Re: 3 for Thursday ... so far


Natty, nice night again... didn't do the math on your "additional plays", but nice SWEEP on your original 3. Just had to check in tonight to say thanks. I capped real quick this morning....go 1-2... I decide to tag along on your original 3 plays, turns it into a 4-2 actual profitable day (went especially large on La Tech as I loved that one, too). Nice work, my friend!

Re: 3 for Thursday ... so far

Thursday recap:

W.Va ML +180 (1/2 unit) - Winner
Bowling Green -2 - Winner
UConn -5 Loser - Picking the crow out of my teeth as I type.
UCSB PK (1 1/2 units) - Winner
UCSB/Fullerton under 137 1/2 (1 1/2 units) - Winner - Should not have gotten this close. If you jumped on this late you probably lost.
Wyoming +10 - Winner
LaTech PK - Winner

6-1 today. +5.8 units. A banner day indeed :houra. 15-6 for the week +11.3 units.

I am mentally exhausted will have some action tomorrow. Hope all had a great day good night.


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Re: 3 for Thursday ... so far

Yes I jumped on fullerton UCBS game and got lines late at 136 I was pissed!!! I got the fine at -1 side on one play and then parlay went down drain as fullerton kept fuling rid at end of game frakin myabe 16 pts in last one min and 1/2 !!!