5/21 MLB


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A couple things caught my eye. St. Louis laying 0.5 runs (first 5) is just minus 120 vs Bailey. We all know Bailey is awful, but check out his hitter/pitcher numbers vs Cardinal hitters. Not small sample sizes either. Carpenter and Molina both over .400 against him with 20 hits. DeJong, Martinez and Wong all have hit him hard, with smaller sample sizes.

How about Wheeler facing the Nationals a fourth time since the season started? That has to be advantage hitters. Not that they need it; Wheeler's previous three starts vs the Nats this year did not go well. Add in the fact Parra, Eaton, Turner and Rendon all have hit Wheeler hard in the past and have to prefer the +130 dog.

If you play player props or DFS, Jose Abreu has some serious ownage of Verlander: 41 at bats, 15 hits including 2 doubles and 5 home runs.

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Washington dug a 4-0 hole against the Mets last night and failed to dig out of it when losing 4-3.

The Nats did virtually the same thing the previous night against the Cubs, trailing 6-1 before losing 6-5.

Good luck, Valuist.


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Some names not in starting lineups tonight:
Baez (Cubs) Springer (Hou) Puig (Cin) Polanco (Pitt), Kiermaier (TB), Herrera (Phil), and Canha (Oak)