50 in a row... Starting with $25.00

Lets see if I can win 50 in a row.. Only going to be betting mortal lock ML's.. Only takes one to get me, so have to be careful.. Feedback appreciated..
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Hey gyno. I love it. When are we going to start up the moneyline parlay thread again? I'm on Duke and Texas today. It's looking good. I'll talk to you soon. Nicky
Re: 50 in a row... Starting with $25.00

Yes sir, and I'm going to be very VERY picky.. Only mortal locks that I can't see lose..

Not going to make any serious $$ here obviously , and this will probably take me a long time.. I just want to see if I can do it..

1 down 49 to go, +$0.83 cents..
Re: 50 in a row... Starting with $25.00

Good luck G.

Im sure the value cops might raid your thread but having some fun is part of the game. Unless of course its all about business. Which isnt very much fun very often. Being successful at reaching a goal and having some fun trying is well worth 25$ in the grand scheme of life. Many spend thousands for frustration every year on the links. Enjoy my friend. 12io4j2w90
Re: 50 in a row... Starting with $25.00

LOL. I feel ya man..

I was close to taking Kentucky tonight against Drexel but I thought it might be a little too risky. Drexel has won 3 in a row and UK is a young team..
Re: 50 in a row... Starting with $25.00

2 down, 48 to go..

12/28: $26.25 to win $0.53 on Gonzaga ML -5000

keeping a cent, cause it pays .53 cents all the way up to 26.75 no need to risk .49 cents for nothing lol..
Re: 50 in a row... Starting with $25.00

That was too close for comfort.. Kansas couldn't score for shit in the middle of the 2nd half, luckily Cornell didn't score much either..
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Judging from the plays you make, not much in the sporting world makes sense to you. :+textinb3
I post my plays and keep records, you do not.. I've had a lot more winning seasons than losing seasons.. Chess and wink can not say that..

case closed.. Call me when you post an entire year of winning seasons, until then hide behind your plays and STFU..
Re: 50 in a row... Starting with $25.00

no need to do that

Just seeing Gyno started it and is contributing to it already says that in the thread

haha the other day you were defending me, now this?? This is why I don't take what people say seriously cause there are too many

yoyo's on this site:
Re: 50 in a row... Starting with $25.00

I know there are a few people who are just waiting to pounce on me when I lose a game here, and thats sad IMO..

Its not easy winning 50 in a row, heck who knows maybe its easier than I think.. But Im gonna try this nonetheless and I'm having fun with it and its not even about the money cause this is an experiement if I succeed I will up the ante next season.. I'd just would prefer anyone with bad vibes to stay out of this thread...