55-50 (Mofome)

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RI down to 2.5 at a lot of spots, but 3 at betjm.
fla int at 8 most places but 7.5 at betjm

im screwed on every single game i like with betjm. unbelievable. dogs and favs, it makes no difference.
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bama is one of the worst 3 point shooting teams in the nation. 30% on the year. fucking pathetic.

tonight they cant miss. what the fuck is the point of capping this?
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now laf cant miss from 3. they shoot 32% on the year but they cant miss.

bama cant shoot 3s, they dont miss.
laf cant shoot 3s, they dont miss
ri is an amazing 3 point shooting team, they cant make one

how could all the games be that silly?
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now det is 2 of 3 from deep. cant make this stuff up.

throw out the numbers. everyone is amazing from 3 on one special night.
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laf is 8 of 14 from 3. you know how fucking ridiculous that is? this team shoots 32% on the year and they have already made fucking 8. Thats a joke. how the fuck can I win a game when fucking fluke shit like that is going on. 8 of 14? This team wont make 8 of 14 ever again, not ever. Tonight, sure.
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vandy loses because bama goes 80some percent from the line while vandy goes 50%. thats the opposite of the norm. you put yourself in position to win and you lose. You are covering by 4 in the 2nd half at home and you lose. almost everything goes against the norm but you still have the cover in hand. it doesnt matter.

people who capped vandy to be 50% from the line at home win. well done.
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I know that, but a 32% 3 point shooting team makes 9 in the first vs me.
the bama game had the most laughable ft line i could possibly imagine and vandy still wins by 5.

I dont know how to cap that. Its frustrating.
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Now RI blows a 7 point lead. One of the best 3 point shooting teams is hitting 25%. Bad ones are crushing it vs me and i take a great team and they cant hit.
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butler, another great FT shooting team is 50%. Great FT shooting teams having awful nights will cost me 2 games. Unbelievable
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<table class="tablehead" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1" width="360"><tbody><tr class="oddrow" valign="top"><td class="verb10" align="right">7:22</td> <td class="verb10">45-42</td> <td class="verb10">BUTLER </td> <td class="verb10">Foul on Matt Howard</td> </tr> <tr class="evenrow" valign="top"> <td class="verb10" align="right">8:02</td> <td class="verb10">45-42</td> <td class="verb10">DETROIT </td> <td class="verb10">Chris Hayes made Free Throw.</td> </tr> <tr class="oddrow" valign="top"> <td class="verb10" align="right">8:02</td> <td class="verb10">45-41</td> <td class="verb10">DETROIT </td> <td class="verb10">Rebound</td> </tr> <tr class="evenrow" valign="top"> <td class="verb10" align="right">8:02</td> <td class="verb10">45-41</td> <td class="verb10">DETROIT </td> <td class="verb10">Chris Hayes missed Free Throw.</td> </tr> <tr class="oddrow" valign="top"> <td class="verb10" align="right">8:02</td> <td class="verb10">45-41</td> <td class="verb10">BUTLER </td> <td class="verb10">Foul on Avery Jukes</td> </tr> <tr class="evenrow" valign="top"> <td class="verb10" align="right">8:27</td> <td class="verb10">45-41</td> <td class="verb10">DETROIT </td> <td class="verb10">Chris Hayes Offensive Rebound.</td> </tr> <tr class="oddrow" valign="top"> <td class="verb10" align="right">8:27</td> <td class="verb10">45-41</td> <td class="verb10">DETROIT </td> <td class="verb10">Eulis Stephens missed Three Point Jumper.</td> </tr> <tr class="evenrow" valign="top"> <td class="verb10" align="right">8:34</td> <td class="verb10">45-41</td> <td class="verb10">DETROIT </td> <td class="verb10">Detroit 30 Second Timeout.</td> </tr> <tr class="oddrow" valign="top"> <td class="verb10" align="right">8:38</td> <td class="verb10">45-41</td> <td class="verb10">BUTLER </td> <td class="verb10">Foul on Shelvin Mack</td></tr></tbody></table>
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Quebb its a fucking joke. Butler has 1 point in the last 7 minutes. They are playing a joke of a team. Butler and vandy both blow 2H covers against teams they are 30 times better than. In another game one of the worst 3pnt shooting teams in the world has made 15 3s.
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detroit out shoots butler from the line and from 3. Neither one of those things would happen again if these teams played every day for the next 61 years.
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btw, im going to win this fucking thing. ive had zero good fortune, fuck it.

la laf sets conference records for 3
great 3 point shooting teams suck
awful 3 point shooting teams dont miss
great ft shooting teams go 50%
awful ft shooting teams cant miss

not one semi-break has gone my way today. I would play these games again tomorrow. thats life, thats gambling. Time to roll with ASU.

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haha its all good man, this was a lot of fun. I hate losing because im competitive, I don't mind losing this thing for financial reasons. Money don't mean much to me really. I get fired up man, im too old and have no real sports to get fired about anymore so it all comes out in these games.

after looking more at the game im going to finish it all up on the game. Im gonna hope for a decent # of Fts and take the over.

my last two plays will be ASU and ASU over. I wanted to wait for fresno, but I don't have the patience. I don't like the other pac-10 games so this is it.

last 2 vs OSU
Arizona state
Arizona state/Oregon over

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Damn, it could all come down to the push game. Youngstown +6.5 some places but ended up being +6 at betjm. That win and an ASU win would have put me over 53% in 200 plays. ASU is a long way from over, but that .5 points could cost me big time!

107-93 to....
106-93-1 but the the tie doesnt count since % stays the same to...

if ASU covers. half a point