80% or Better or YOUR MONEY BACK!

Re: 80% or Better or YOUR MONEY BACK!

Raiders -235 Giants +6.5 Broncos -190 Currently 29 wins and 19 losses let's hit a winning streak these last 2 weeks!! Although we hit the books heavy with 10 more wins than losses overall. We're still not satisfied!! I mainly bet straight wagers for the same amount all year long-me personally I never bet favorites or underdog moneylines with my own money I always bet ATS but I don't advise my clients to do so with favorites due to me not knowing how much their wagering on the game. I advise my clients to bet the moneyline for all favorites (NEVER double digit moneylines) and ATS for all underdogs!! Now, remember, I AM THE ONLY HANDICAPPER THAT WILL REFUND YOU THE SAME AMOUNT OF MONEY THAT I RECEIVED THRU PAYPAL BY NOT GOING 80% FOR THE YEAR!! NEXT YEAR WILL BE EVEN BETTER BECAUSE I WILL BE OFFERING THE SAME MONEY BACK GUARANTEE BUT WITH A $200 CASH GIVEAWAY TO EACH CUSTOMER IF I DONT PRODUCE WHAT IM SAYING!! Thank you all and this website for allowing me to be a part of a great website and around great sports fans Happy Holidays to everyone.