A box score you will never see again......

Wow, both pitchers went the distance, pitch count?

Some big names Hank Aaron, willie mays, wille mcovey, orlando cepeda, warren spahn, juan marichal.


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Dodgers run was Lou Johnson walk, Fairly Sac bunt, Johnson stole 3rd, scored on a throwing error by the catcher. Lou Johnson was the only person to reach base the entire game, and he did it twice.
That's truly amazing. Thought u were going to post the Harvey Haddix game.
Hours after his loss to the Braves, Haddix and Bob Smith were in their room at the Schroeder. The phone rang off the hook, and telegrams piled up on a desk. Around 5 a.m. the pair decided to break curfew and took a walk around the empty downtown. After wandering for a bit, they entered a 24-hour greasy spoon, and as they ate breakfast they overheard two men talking about the extraordinary game that had taken place at the ballpark across town. "Harv didn't want to say anything," says Smith, "and he sure didn't want me to say anything. The way he saw it then, he pitched a pretty good game, but the team lost. So what was the big deal?"
The two players got up from their seats. With his teammate at his side, the man who pitched the greatest game ever walked out of the diner, as anonymously as he had entered it.

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I listened to much of that game on my transistor radio.
Vin Scully’s booth partner was Jerry Dogget.
As I recall, Johnson’s double was a rather weak, bloop ‘Texas League’ double (not sure if that term is used anymore). In other words, a seeing-eye popup. I was rooting for a double no-hitter.

Another rarity on that box score: the Dodger’s 9th batting slot (Koufax) had only 2 plate appearances in a full 9 inning game. Very very rare.

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Chicago Cubs announcer Pat Hughes is promoting the sale of his scorecards through a website titled Baseball Voices (www.baseballvoices.com).

Part of the proceeds benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

A copy of his historic cards sells for $20.

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I only saw Mays in his later years.

As I recall, he stuck around too long.

Many, like VD and Papa 5, consider Mays the best five-tool player of all-time.

He was a 24-time All-Star.
Not many players who played the outfield ever made the all star team...tough to crack the starting 3 of Mays, Aaron, and Clemente....you can even throw Frank Robinson in there....the NL outfield was set in stone....that’s when the NL dominated the AL....


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And when only 25 players made the All-Star team.

There were 34 players on each team this year and last year.

The leagues were 8 teams until 61-62. They were 10 teams until 69, then 12. Actually it’s pretty close to the same ratio of AS roster size to teams (15 each league).