A cluster of contests inside

Re: A clusterfuck of contests inside

That is between you guys. You guys can do another 10 plays or so, or you can just split the pot (So moldy would keep my 200, and kinger would send tuck his 200).

I would say unless you both agree to make tiebreaker plays that it just gets split
Re: A clusterfuck of contests inside

depends what they want. IMO if one guy wanted the split it would have to be a split. cant just force a new tiebreak rule if one guy was against it.

my guess is both guys would want a tiebreak anyways though so wont matter
Re: A clusterfuck of contests inside

that indiana game was damn huge for me he has to go 6-4 to beat me

i think he went like 5-1 before yesterdays loss so i am sure he can do it he will probably go 6-0
Re: A clusterfuck of contests inside

tuck lucks out with that over coming in. Baylor fouled early and often even though game was over

Moldy: 31-29</SPAN>

Tuck: 27-24</SPAN>

tuck needs 5-4 the rest of the way to win
Re: A clusterfuck of contests inside

of course these fucking overs hit pretty much all the time

down by 15 and 1 minute to go and u still foul what a bunch of fking retards u cant make a fking fg to save ur ass and u want to make 10 fking 3 pointers in the last minute fking pussies
Re: A clusterfuck of contests inside

TM running away with this

so did you pussies wanna do one for the first month of MLB? Moldy tell brick to get his ass in this one, no gay play limits so no worries. Unlimited amount of plays, we can agree to a fair minimum though so a guy doesn't start up 6-0 and just stay with +6ish units and try to win with that.

Would be MLs/RLs/1st 5 inn, props. Anything MLB. We can put a cap on prices to something like no greater than -250/+250. Just so guys don't fall behind and pull out prop bets like Orioles to sweep Yanks +1200 and hope to get lucky.

I'm cool with anything from 150-300 for the month. I'm sure we can get me, moldy, bricker, and maybe even bitch ass ttp gets himself in
Re: A clusterfuck of contests inside

i will give you a freebie here, i dont exactly like it much but need to get some picks in

Clippers over 87.5 (dimes) - 2nd half
Re: A clusterfuck of contests inside

anybody else for a second round it does not have to be MLB we can do same shit

we had a lot of volunteers before so we can do it again and we can get the pot higher
Re: A clusterfuck of contests inside

This guy is never content. He always wants more and more.
i want my revenge and why would not people do it its a lot of fun and its not that much money and its for a month so i am not sure why people are afraid to do it

bricker, TTP, Joey, they are candidates, we can have same 4 people again

and if someone else wants to join we can have a nice 1500$ 2000$ pot here
Re: A clusterfuck of contests inside

Moldy go down the first page. we already have a MLB contest set up. 250 a guy, we have 5 guys in so profit is $1k

100 plays, most units won, no max or min per day but have 60 days to make the plays
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