A crew I want to thank



This site would not have been possible if it were not for the amazing work of Imagination Plus, our web developers. Michael, Colin, Frazer, Joey and Jay did an outstanding job for us. We asked a lot of them (and still do, and will) and they came through on all of our requests.

An absolute great bunch of guys to work with and I thank them from the bottom of my heart for their dedication to this project.
I'd like to second that and add Xpanda to this list. I don't think anyone could ever know how much work was put into the design and organization of this entire site.

Thanks so much Imagination Plus and Xpanda....luvu
Lots of people make a site successful from the owners to the mods to the posters and of course the techs staff.

Its honesty that will make site flourish and most forums are hiding stuff and lying to players about certain issues and posters see right through it and it hurts the site.

What Kenny has done here is unreal and he realized all you have to do is be honest with the posters and run a clean operation and you will thrive.

Kenny has tons of respect in industry and with posters just like SBR does.

Man EOG is rubbing off on many of us and turning us into very positive posters.