A few tips,Brush the perfect eyelash

Wish immediately rushed to the hairdressing hospital grafting eyelash is there?!In fact, the reason is you failed to master the correct way to brush mascara.To master the following brush mascara makeup skills correctly, make your eyelash grow up flattering grafting.Recently, many friends careprost buy on the Internet, why it is so popular ? Because careprost eyelash serum is prostaglandin-like chemical that stimulate the skin tissues of target areas to prolong growth cycles,In conjunction with the other ingredients promote your lashes growth naturally.

First to eyelash clip becomes warped, but also it has a beautiful radian is good oh, so the time must be in the root ministry of eyelash clip eyelash exert oneself to do STH.Fix the eyelash curler eyelash root position, gently bending upwards again, pay attention to the elbow is properly upward force, so the effect will be better, and the closer the eyelash front position apply to the lighter.

With a small eyelash curler, properly adjust the radian of eyelash, especially in eye head and eye end it at both ends, don't ever forget.

Preheat electric eyelash device first, after good clip eyelash, just put it in the root ministry of eyelash and central, just a little stay two to three seconds, it will make you more roll become warped eyelash and let its radian more durable.

Only need to thin bottom on besmear eyelash to cream or have the function of protect eyelash eyelash long liquid, the aim is to make eyelash to minimize the damage in the process of makeup.
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