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Credit Westgate and William Hill for also offering Week 1 prices.

Both the oddsmaker and the bettors are making educated guesses in the opening week.

Some big-name head coaches on the sidelines.

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Prior to reading this story on Yahoo, I had no idea this even existed:

Pinnacle has lines on all four opening day games, but no idea if they're bettable in Nevada. A very quick analysis makes me think Birmingham is the best team.
How do you handicap a new league in its first week? I'm actually leaning to the over in some of these games.
Leaning to the over?

That's not the Z I know.

Careful with OVERS in this new league.

They're hoping to complete games in two-and-a-half hours.
Singletary, Erickson, Martz and Spurrier are head coaches in the AAF.
Leaning to the over?

That's not the Z I know.

Careful with OVERS in this new league.

They're hoping to complete games in two-and-a-half hours.
Shorter play clocks.
Mike Martz and Steve Spurrier are probably going to air it out.
Generally speaking, fans want to watch higher scoring games, so have to think the refs will be encouraged to let a few things go.

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Shorter play clocks, decent point.

And no doubt the league wants an attractive television product.

Usually defenses are ahead of offenses early in a season, however.


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Here is a list for AAF first week odds;

AAF Football Spread Money Line Total Points Atlanta Legends at Orlando Apollos
Sat 2/9
111 Atlanta Legends +6½ -110 +175 o50 -110
112 Orlando Apollos -6½ -110 -210 u50 -110
San Diego Fleet at San Antonio Commanders
Sat 2/9
113 San Diego Fleet +2½ -105 +120 o50½ -110
114 San Antonio Commanders -2½ -115 -140 u50½ -110
Memphis Express at Birmingham Iron
Sun 2/10
115 Memphis Express +3 -110 +130 o49½ -110 2:00PM
116 Birmingham Iron -3 -110 -150 u49½ -110 S
Salt Lake Stallions at Arizona Hotshots

Sun 2/10
117 Salt Lake Stallions +4 -110 +155 o51½ -110 4:00PM
118 Arizona Hotshots -4 -110 -175 u51½ -110
Alliance of American Football
Beer money bets
111 Legends +7 1/2 (8 of clubs play)
113 Fleet ml +125

Both at WH. I bet them for 1/10th of a unit
I may be wrong on this but I would fade the Legends if I was taking action on this. The experts think Orlando Apollo is the best team out there. Maybe best to be cautious and just watch week one. Beer money is right idea.
A report indicates each player gets a 3 yr $250,000 contract. Key players like Murray for Atlanta(former Bulldog QB) could probably get raises later on based future success.


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Ties may not be so rare. Overtime rules are each team gets a shot from the 10, and can't kick FG. Must score and go for 2. If both teams mirror what the other does, game ends in tie.

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Kevin Coyle is the head coach of the Atlanta Legends because former Minnesota Vikings head coach Brad Childress resigned one month before the team's first game.
San Antonio 15-6 with seconds left in game
Orlando Apollo 40-6 late in 4th.
The is an AAF app in google play you can download. CBS sports should have scores.
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incredible CBS sports site is not showing any live updates scores of their product! at least not today. not on don best either. its like the scoreboards forgot to add this feed tonight!

thanks for the score updates!