About The EOG 500 Contest

The EOG 500 is a daily handicapping contest where contestants are required to post one selection per day during a calendar month from a specific set of sports betting options. We use a designated sportsbook’s lines to grade the selections and begin a process of elimination. The first cut takes place 7 days into competition leaving just 16 contestants to continue in their journey to become the last man standing. The format is open to some month-to-month tweaking where we might one month change something minor about the even, but for the most part remains the same in design at its core.

Detailed contest rules, prizes and more info coming soon!

For octobers edition of the EOG 500 please go to this thread: http://forums.eog.com/showthread.php?t=334420


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Re: About The EOG 500 Contest

??The winner of The EOG 500 in October will gain entry into The Second Annual $10,000 EOG Invitational to meet Brady Kannon, winner of last year's Hilton SuperContest where he led a team of four gamblers to win $300,000-plus.