Adam Meyer At It Again...


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This time he's claiming 10 million wagered per week in Las Vegas based on his advice (clients)....

LOL that Meyer clients are getting down for over a mil a day in Vegas when Harrahs
asks for your room key to get down for a nickle. Cost of the service for these 'heavy
hitter' releases for 30 days? $199.
Re: Adam Meyer At It Again...

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I got this email from Adam five days ago. I don't think he is a bad guy. My experience is that his advice just sucks. Welcome to ToutWorld.

I read the email and thought of Meatloaf.

I will do anything for love, but I won't do this.
Re: Adam Meyer At It Again...

I'll stick with The Executive Club thank you very much:cheers
I always run the fear of reinstituting the Executive Club because followers here incur the wrath of anonymous sharp posters

We are dealing with genius gamblers here. It's always better to be Sharp than right. Learn that.
Re: Adam Meyer At It Again...

I don't think theres anyone out there who annoys me more then this guy.

Every once in a while, I'll be listening to WEEI and he will be on the Planet Mikey show.... I understand that he lies because he's a scumbag tout, but it bothers me that there will be people listening to this guy believing this shit, including the damn host. 70% winners over the last 10 years? ya... okay.


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Re: Adam Meyer At It Again...

He's a clown - a total scammer - I would imagine his tout service makes a killing though because he's a animal betting wise - I have logged into an account of his and the amounts he had wagered on a weekend were unimaginable - 15k plus on multiple games left and right

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Re: Adam Meyer At It Again...

I remember Adam Meyer showing me wagers of $55,000 and $88,000 from Wynn Las Vegas and the M Resort on a MAC football game.

My initial thought: he's a Billy Walters' beard.

Hard to know for sure, though.
Re: Adam Meyer At It Again...

SHrink pimped for this guy claiming he was winning behind the scenes while his posting and his clients were getting KILLED. No way is this clown a winner. He was awful for a LONG time. Clients claimed he sucked. And BTW even if he won behind the scenes for a couple of weeks (unlikely for this bum), you cannot come on and post that because his posts were getting killed. Anyone can come out and claim anything. Bad move by Shrink and sorry but got to think there was some financial incentive here.....