Ah, it's been a busy morning

What did you have for breakfast?

I had a home brewed McDonald's dark roast and a cinnamon raisin bagel with butter and apricot jam. Yummy.

Stay the fuck out of this thread, John Kelly, you treacherous loogan.

Taking a break before I start the legal thread.
Re: Ah, it's been a busy morning

What do you add Jim, you phoney fucking Paddy? All you do is leave the impression that all Irish people are morons with a stuck Shift Key, and that we're all racist fuck in the ass punks like you.
Re: Ah, it's been a busy morning

I feel like Tom Cruise in that Jack Reacher movie. The one where the chick tries to set him up in the cafe and he ends outside doing the martial arts thing and kicking the shit out of four or five Beantown Jim class loogans.

Seems like there is a dwindling supply of Beantown Jim class cocksuckers needing a smack here. Let's see, today we've had:

John Kelly
Beantown Jim
Brock Landers, John Kelly's scam partner

Who else? I think that's the list so far.