Alan Boston, Gambling Fraud?


EOG Veteran
I've put up with this guy cursing me out, calling me out as a no talent, etc, etc. I'm certainly not alone there, as I've seen Good Ole Boston rips everyone from Coack K ("that guy is an idiot and cannot coach a lick"), to watching him rip into a live poker dealer that made a procedural mistake, literally bringing her to tears.

I've personally never been impressed with anything Boston says about anything not related to College Baskets. I did think what he said had good merit in College Baskets, but I also think he lost his edge even in this area in recent years.

But even I am amazed at how bad "Alan Boston" poker "pro"' 's stats are. Specifically, according to, he has a PTR ranking of 26, 'making' a -4 bb/100, and down $4,000 playing micro stakes. Yet this guys on Winning Wednesdays (when he wasn't cursing me out, or ripping others) talked about how he was having "high level NL theory discussions" about the game. Based on his stats, that would be like Bozo the Clown taking on Fisher in Chess.

Two conclusions:

1. Full Tilt Poker is letting some imposter by the name of Alan Boston play poker and donk away OR

2. Alan Boston (to use his favorite langage) cannot play a lick. NOT A LICK.

Let me add, I'm no poker expert. Further, my game has holes all over it. Yet, my stats (and everyone I know that I respect) are very solid. I am AMAZED at how bad these stats are.