An Apology

I am back. My last thread caused quite a controversy in here. There is plenty of blame to go around, for what happened and I certainly admit to my share of it. So I apologise for any harm I may have caused with that thread, and for any sharp words that may have hurt anyones feelings.
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Yes. I know. People get carried away. I am just as guilty as the rest. I should have handled the situation better. I will next season.


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All the makeup and kissass is only one big game remains. Forum needs to know?


SEC five in a row or ducks for god's sake?? I'm Bama, but pull for Tigers. Damn Ducks may win this thing.
Re: An Apology

I'll tell you Clover, this game is going to depend on how much gas the War Eagles have left in their tank in the 4th quarter. Oregon has made a living wearing teams down with their never ending two minute drill for the entire game. I saw the USC-Oregon game. USC played them tooth and nail until the 4th quarter. Then the Ducks took over. The USC players said that no matter how much they practiced for that offense, they could not keep up. The major problems occur with the lines. They get gassed in a hurry after the first 3 quarters. If Auburn tries to slow down the pace of the game, it is going to hurt their own offense. I can not see the under here. I think the winning team has tovscore at least 41 points, if not more. I would play the over.