Andre Iguodala out

Trying hard to make a case for Portland. Iguodola not playing tonight might be enough to convince me. I do think Portland puts up a severe battle to not get swept. I havent pulled the trigger yet tho.
A lot of stupid play and mistakes in this game.

Last few minutes of this game make you not want to really invest too much energy into the sport. Lillard shooting 3s with game and series on the line from a mile behind... curry dancing with the ball
Not only that I made the Curry 3 bet thinking he was the one who was going to get the minutes but Hood did and he absolutely killed his team tonight with his play.
They had another decent lead tonight and blew it again. Theres a difference in mindset and the way Golden State processes things on the court. Kerr is better than most coaches. A fade away 3 to win is not smart.

Steph Klay Draymond. Talented but they also listen and are pretty smart athletes.