Angels' lackey was one!

:cheers Hard to believe any bettor would have played the Angels yesterday with John Lackey on the mound. The OCA(Orange County Angels) were even a -120 fav! Lackey IS a good pitcher, but he's coming off a serious injury-juat like Kazmir of the Rays, who got shelled in is first game back, but who then won a 2-0 shut-out in his second start. The same may happen with Lackey next time out-but the lesson here is STAY AWAY FROM PITCHERS IN THEIR FIRST GAME BACK OFF THE DL. In closing, when Josh Beckett came back from Back spasams and the DL, he also got hit hard in his first forray back to the hill, and the Bosox lost as -135 favs. It happens to even the best pitchers in baseball all the time. Be careful out there!
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Not sure if you watched the game or checked out the boxscore or what, but here in Vegas we get both the Dodgers and Angels on Fox Sports. I did have a bet in on Lackey (Angels average 21 wins when he has started over the last 3 years) and it was not his fault they lost. He was not hit hard at the first inning he gave up 3 singles, and the White Sox scored 1 run. He did not allow another hit until his final inning, the 7th, when he gave up a couple of singles and got out of a two out, second and third jam by convincing pitching coach Mike Butcher it was not a good idea to walk Nick Swisher and let him (or Justin Speier) to pitch to Juan Uribe. Swisher was only hitting .111 against Lackey in his career, and Lackey got him on a flyout to Torii Hunter in center to end the inning. He left giving up only 1 run in 7 innings.

The pitcher who got shelled was Scot Shields in the 8th, and that was helped along by Erick Aybar thinking he could make a play and launching a throw almost into the seats from deep in the hole on the backhand, falling towards third. With second and third and no one out, Scioscia called for the intentional walk to Pierzynski to set up an out at any base, obviously. Next batter is Carlos Quentin, and he promptly deposits the ball in the waterfall in center.

Justin Speier pitched the ninth and Swisher hit a solo homer for Chicago's 6th run.
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Matt- you beat me to it...
Lackeys number last night will get you a W many more times then not...

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You guys miss the point-which is-stay away from pitchers in their first start after an injury! Bravo for taking the OCA-you LOST!!! I won with a dog-the CWSox! Money to me-You pay the Book!! Geez, this is not that hard,guys. Why try making me look bad, when my point was correct-regardless of the outcome of that particular game. Call me stupid ....All the way to the bank!!!!
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You West Coast losers just don't get it-I don't care if Lackey pitched a perfect game-the point is: stay away from pitchers coming off the DL or a long absence due to injury-maybe Lackey came out of the game when he did BECAUSE his pitching coach and Manager understood that was enough, since he had been out for a long time. YOU are the TOOLS-OF YOUR BOOK/OFFSHORE because you're so smart!!! NOT!!! When you're in a hole ---stop digging!!!
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If you sports nerds have nothing to do but stay home and watch these games-and, obviously take notes-I feel bad for the no-life you lead!!!
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HarvDog---I agree with your point that it is a good idea to stay away from pitchers coming off the DL; in fact that is the only reason I didn't play this game... With that said, in your original post you go on to show examples how Beckett/Kazmir got shelled in their first outing back. My point is that Lackey pitched superb in this game. The Angels bullpen and lack of bats was the reason they lost this game, not Lackey.
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Hey Shapsplace-maybe they took him out when they did-as I said above BECAUSE of the injury-whereas , in a normal situation, he would have spared the Angels of going into that horrid bullpen of Double-A stiffs!! He might have pitched a complete game, in fact-we'll never know!!