Antonio Gates Not A Hall of Famer!?


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It’s a weird process, basically someone speaks on your behalf to the voters. He’ll get in as being on a all-decade team basically guarantees it.


TYVM Morgan William!!!
He is a 100% LOCK to get in. But, knowing who all was nominated, no shock he did not get in on 1st try. He will soon get in


TYVM Morgan William!!!
Unpopular take - I don’t think Hester is a HOFer, and certainly not ahead of Gates.

Agree but Hester was not voted in his 1st year of eligibility. Gates will get in.

I am ECSTATIC Randy Gradishar finally got in. His omission was a flat out joke


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Unpopular take - I don’t think Hester is a HOFer, and certainly not ahead of Gates.
I also think Gates should get in and in time he will, but I'll disagree with your Hester take, he's the best returner in the history of the league, that has to mean something


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Gates will get in, no question.

The biggest injustice, IMO, is the omission of Harold Jackson, who was one of the top 2-3 WRs of the decade of the 1970s. But many of the voters now didn't see him play and compare his numbers to a guy like Andre Reed, who IS in. A completely different game with different rules. Jackson was better relative to his peers than Reed was. Not meant as a slight on Reed but receiving numbers are so much pumped up now due to the rule changes over the years.

I may attend the induction ceremony this year. As a lifelong Bear fan, great to see McMichael and Hester get in (Sorry FW, but Kane is right re: Hester). And people forget Peppers was a Bear for a few years. I also used to attend one Colts game a year during much of the Freeney (i.e. Manning) era. Freeney was an amazing pass rusher.