Any good collegiate hockey coming to Kansas anytime soon?


The opening odds start here
We got a rock chalk Jayhawk brawl preview this evening following the conclusion of that 22 point rout in Lawrence Fieldhouse.
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TYVM Morgan William!!!
NCAA should come down pretty hard with suspensions....and maybe a couple forfeits next excuse for what the Kansas players did...
Right and Wrong

The whole things was 100% the fault of K-State play DaJuan Gordon

GAME IS OVER! LET IT GO! But just like with Monmouth the poor sport loser couldn't let the clock run out. He had to pull a THUG playground move and steal the ball for his "Look at me" moment. Kansas players had every right to get pissed. Had they tried to score the State players woulda been pissed - rightfully so. Had it happened the other way around I promise you Gordon would have been pissed

Gordon deserves 100% of the blame for what happened. If I am reffing and he goes up for a layup or slam dunk and gets destroyed I am not calling a thing - kid got what he deserved.


The opening odds start here
I mean at that point the game has been long and all but officially over and I'm sure Bill Self is having his crew dribble it out. Consequently a late steal with a to follow layup is just basic window dressing and only benefits you on the stat sheet. We've seen walk ons hit shots with their team up 3 TDs just to get their name in the scoring column, but the best time to do this is inside of a minute when the shot clock is still in effect, not when you unconsciously but blatantly rub it in.