Anybody else watch WPT in Paris last night?


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This Tony guy from OZ makes Mike the mouth look like a Sunday school teacher.

What kept Surinder Sunar from popping the guy? (I know the million bucks) But, what happens to a player that in the middle of the final table goes off on somebody - gets in his face - shoves a guy - pops him one, etc.
It would be up to the tournament director's discretion. Obviously table chat has its place, but when it goes over the line a strong stance should be taken. A little foresight and a warning or penalty would likely prevent this from happening.

I have had to disqualify players from tournaments in the past for abusive behavior. You would think at such high stakes the players would know not to cross that line.


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They interviewed Marcel Luske and he thought a warning would be in order but nothing happened. The guy was good at his irritation tactics because he goaded some players into All In shots just to try to knock him out.