Anyone else getting cold called by these guys

#1 these fuckers cold called my mom 3 times I opened a couple accounts in her name at other books like 3 years ago with like 100 bucks and tried to build it up for her so she could get surprised the odd time with some loot to help her out with bills and shit but they were top tier books (Olympic,Carib, and Canbet) now 3 years since she ever got a cheque or had an active account this jerkoff calls 3 times and is soliciting 33% bonus to her

tried to call and get the manager on the phone but they wont let me talk to them

obviously they have bought sportsbook lists and are cold calling

The General

Another Day, Another Dollar
BP, Oasis casino called me Sunday afternoon BEGGING the worst I have ever heard for a post-up so I could get the COLTS at a pk. I was thinking to myself why do I need a pk when I figure they will win 24-7. :+clueless

I don't mind the calls to bad. I just throw it in speaker until they are done.

Terrible call though. Sounded desperate and pretty gay at the same time.

It's all good