Anyone here ever catch a foul ball?

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...Or, a fair ball?

My dream is to catch a foul ball at a MLB game. I've been close, but never got one. I can afford good seats, so i won't be sitting in the Home Run section anytime soon, so its probably going to have to be a foul ball that i catch.

Anyone here ever catch anything at a baseball game? :+waving-5


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Re: Anyone here ever catch a foul ball?


but at college baseball games - irvine and fullerton

and a minor league game, too
Re: Anyone here ever catch a foul ball?

I caught one at an A's/Angels game at Anaheim Stadium off the bat of Rick Monday in 1968 or 1969.

I caught another at the Kingdome in an Indians/Mariners game around 1994. I don't even remember which team was up let alone who hit.

Assorted fouls during batting practice at Dodger Stadium too.


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Re: Anyone here ever catch a foul ball?

first- 1977 Milwaukee County Stadium off the bat of Don Money.

2nd- ALCS 1989 Alameda county Stadium: Oakland v. i cant remember.

3rd- a wednesday afternoon game in Oakland about 2001 or so. i gave it away to a guy who dove down 4 steps as it just rolled to me, sitting in my seat.

4th- July 28 2007 at the SF/Marlins game, in the first inning a slow roller to the 1st base coach of the Marlins and he fielded it and tossed it to me to give to my nephew.


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Re: Anyone here ever catch a foul ball?

Reggie Jackson batting practice HR in right field..

I have no idea what happened to the ball, but for a 14 year old at the time, it was a big deal..


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Re: Anyone here ever catch a foul ball?

Aug. 3 1974 (my birthday) Shea Stadium, Yankee Old-Timer's Day, off the bat of Ken Harrelson. Still have the ball.
Re: Anyone here ever catch a foul ball?

Went to the All Star game at Wrigley and the following day they had a turn back the clock game at Comisky Park where they wore the old time uniforms.

White Sox and Brewers, Dave Parker fouled one off the roof and it landed on the field, Robin Ventura picked it up and tossed it into the stands and I caught it.

Was a girl sitting behind me with her parents, she had Downs Syndrome, I asked if she liked baseball, she said yes, I gave her the ball.
Re: Anyone here ever catch a foul ball?

I have never been to stadium :(
USA is so far far far from my country, and we need visa to go there.

Damn it!
Re: Anyone here ever catch a foul ball?

Caught plenty at Yankee Stadium. When I was in high school just before they started winning World Series was at a day game and in the upper deck. Maybe only 25,000 there. I caught 3 foul balls in 1 game. 2 from the same batter in the same at bat. Friends joke that I should call the Guiness Book of World Records. Also got a Mel Hall upper deck HR at the stadium because nobody was there and I ran over from 3 sections and beat the other kids who also ran over. Must admit, it is harder to get foul balls at the Stadium now but it is more fun with a packed house every game and the Yanks winning....


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Re: Anyone here ever catch a foul ball?

i gotten 2, once at yankee stadium when i was 8, another at a twins game in the metrodome. i remember who hit each one, the 1st was leon wagner of the angels and the 2nd was denny hocking of the twins.
Re: Anyone here ever catch a foul ball?

I had one bounce off my knee during batting practice(I wasnt looking). I had a nice bruise after that and could even make out the stitching on the ball.
Re: Anyone here ever catch a foul ball?

Spring of 1971.
Foul ball off the bat of Ralph Garr who played for the Braves then.
Candlestick Park.
I played with it in the street a few years later and scuffed it up real bad. Gave it away. I don;t save stuff.

1973 I was in the 2nd deck, right behind home plate in Oakland at an A's/Orioles game. Boog Powell fouled one straight back. I mean straight back.
I stood up, the ball came right at me. It hit me flush in the stomach. I bent over, tried to cradle it. Darn thing dropped down into the lap of the guy sitting in front of me. He never even stood up. But, it was his, rightfully so.
Re: Anyone here ever catch a foul ball?

I caught a streaming liner that bounced off a guys head once. I had to give the ball to the unconsious guy. lol I was pissed.
Re: Anyone here ever catch a foul ball?

Plenty at minor league games and several at the Kingdome (Seattle) during BP but only once during a ML game. 1993 in Oakland, can't remember the batter. Was sitting in the first deck behind the plate a little bit below the top of the netting and someone fouled one straight back and it looped over the net perfectly and right to me.
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I caught a Jim Leyritz home run in batting practice at the 1998 World Series. The ball was like one high schoolers would use, no markings or nothing. Kind of disappointing since they were selling the balls used on the field at concession stands which left no doubt it was a World Series ball.
Re: Anyone here ever catch a foul ball?

1986 shea stadium game 7 bottom of the 9th one out orosoco pitching
boggs up hits a line drive behind 3rd base i caught it one handed
my hand still hurts

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Re: Anyone here ever catch a foul ball?

1986 shea stadium game 7 bottom of the 9th one out orosoco pitching
boggs up hits a line drive behind 3rd base i caught it one handed
my hand still hurts
I think there's a dvd series of the Mets 1986 playoffs in their entirety, maybe youre famous? You might be in the dvd, hopefully they havent been withholding your royalties check!:+excited-
Re: Anyone here ever catch a foul ball?

Ballhawk uses brains, guile to stalk his prey

By Pat Graham, Associated Press | June 29, 2008
DENVER - Zack Hample can beg for a baseball in 32 languages, including Swahili, Swedish, and sign.
The baseball-seeking savant from Manhattan has tricks galore to help him snare a prized souvenir at a major league game, like lowering his glove on a string to pluck up a ball resting far below on the warning track during batting practice. Or his "fumbling with a slice of pizza" ploy to sneak past an usher and move closer to the dugout.
Not that he needs decoys, deceptions or dialects. Hample has a knack for properly positioning himself for wayward baseballs, gathering up, by his count, 3,494 over the last 19 years.
This year alone, he's averaging 7.8 balls per game over 28 contests, which takes into account homers from batting practice and games, foul balls, and those flipped to him by players, coaches, and umpires.
He's in the midst of a Cal Ripken Jr.-like streak, going 524 straight games, he said, with at least one ball, a string dating to Sept. 10, 1993.
What's more, the 30-year-old recently set a personal record by snagging 28 baseballs at a Washington Nationals game, his backpack bursting with his bounty. He bagged 17 in batting practice, was tossed five before the game, finagled three from players running off the field during the game, found another hidden behind a gap in the outfield wall, and had two flipped to him after the final out was recorded; one by plate umpire Tim Welke and another from Marlins closer Kevin Gregg.
Not a bad night's loot.
Pursuing baseballs has become his life's work. He's written books on the subject - including "Watching Baseball Smarter" - answers questions on his blog from fans wanting tips, and has started a business called "Watch with Zack," in which he'll take fans to a game and guarantee them a souvenir ball or their money back.
"I'd still rather be a baseball player, but this is a cool second place," Hample said. "It's like a dream job - since I actually can't be Derek Jeter."
But he's made some Jeter-esque catches from the bleachers, his most memorable snag coming on Barry Bonds's 724th home run Aug. 16, 2006, at Petco Park. He scooted through the aisle and thrust his well-worn Mizuno glove upward to pluck it out of the air, nearly tumbling over a railing.
"In one moment, I made a catch I'll feel great about for the rest of my life," he said.
Hample became hooked on hunting down baseballs after attending his first game at Yankee Stadium when he was 6 years old.
He finally caught his first baseball at 12 when a Mets pitcher - Hample doesn't remember who - nonchalantly tossed it to him during batting practice.
These days, Hample goes to great lengths to make sure he recalls every detail, scribbling a number on the ball in blue ink before stuffing it in his backpack. He'll also log data on a piece of paper to be transferred to his laptop later.
Hample said he's never sold a baseball, but gives plenty to kids - only if they've brought their glove to the game, the sign of a truly dedicated ball hunter.
The ones he's kept are stored at his parents' house, his cache filling five drawers and six 32-gallon barrels.
Hample met up with some fellow ball chasers at Coors Field last week for a Rockies game against the Indians. He was first in line when the ticket-takers opened the gates two hours before the game.
Slinging his backpack over his left shoulder, he sprinted up a steep flight of steps and into the left-field bleachers, quickly nabbing three batting practice home runs 90 seconds after his arrival.
"Good start," he said casually.
As he wandered back and forth along the front row in left field, a ball hit by Garrett Atkins sailed over his head, and Hample took flight up the steps to retrieve it. An usher lectured him about leaving his assigned area.
Ushers are his nemesis.
They watch him like a hawk, making sure he doesn't try to sneak into their turf without a ticket. He's been kicked out four times in his career, all at Shea Stadium.
Hample shrugged off the usher's comments.
Just then, Rockies reliever Manny Corpas picked up a ball and Hample leaned over the railing, yelling for it in Spanish: "Dame la bola, por favor!"
Corpas smiled and tossed it to a kid instead.
"A lot of players would rather give them to kids," Hample said. "If I get them to give it to me, I feel like I've won a battle there."
He's careful, though, not to plow anyone over. There's honor among ball collectors.
Not that he was accorded that courtesy on this afternoon. He battled with a fan for a ball that skipped down a corridor, his adversary throwing a mean elbow into his rib cage.
"Did you see that?" he yelled.
Steaming from the elbow, Hample wanted another ball to come his way to wipe the lost one from memory.
Cleveland pitcher Scott Elarton obliged, fielding a ball in the outfield and tossing it to Hample when he darted over.
"Don't throw anymore to him," a woman screamed in disgust. "He already has one."
Try six.
Between innings, Hample frequently jogged along the crowded concourse, slipping down an aisle when an usher wasn't paying attention. He wanted to be as close to the dugout as possible, so he could sprint down and get a ball tossed to him as players ran off the field after the third out.
While he flip-flopped between the Rockies and Indians dugouts, he switched caps. Hample has one for every major league team, an investment that's paid off in numerous baseballs.
When he was in Florida recently trying to snare Ken Griffey Jr.'s 600th career home run - coming an agonizing 5 feet from catching it - he wore a Cincinnati cap down to the Reds dugout after the game. Third base coach Mark Berry spied the cap and flipped him a ball.
Jhonny Peralta rewarded him by rolling a ball across the dugout roof, to make his total eight on the night.
Yet he was dissatisfied. He easily could have had another half-dozen. Of the ones that got away, none was more disheartening than the ball he lost to the elbow-thrower.
"If there was an official scorer for baseball snaggers, they could not really give me an error based on my performance tonight," he said. "I just wasn't reacting with 100 percent efficiency."
Hample has been to 44 major league parks - all the current ones plus 14 no longer in use. His favorite stadium is Camden Yards (as if designed with ball snagging in mind) and his worst is Yankees Stadium (cramped sections, rigid security).
Hample views his mounting collection (3,494) as if he's moving up major league's career hits list. He's closing in on Hall of Famer Tris Speaker (3,514) at No. 5 and hopes to soon pass Pete Rose (4,256).
"I feel like I should be out there with those guys - it's a crime that I'm not," he said. "I always wonder, if these guys weren't major leaguers, what would they be doing? I'm the answer to my own question."

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Re: Anyone here ever catch a foul ball?

I finally got a ball! Last year at a Padres-D Backs game in San Diego i caught a ball that was tossed into the seats, during the game, by Mark Reynolds who was on the on deck circle. The ball was fouled off and squibbed off to the side and Mark tossed it into the seats (i was in the front row and the ball rolled across the dugout right to me)

Funny side story about that.....the guy who was sitting next to me got mad at me because he felt that the player 'looked' at him and i 'allegedly' jumped over in his 'space' and grabbed the ball. I told him that its every man for himself and if he wanted the ball, he should have been more aggressive for that. Also, the player never looked at him.....players only look to little kids and point them out, they never differentiate between adults, which he didn't seem to understand.

Also, the player was in the on deck circle, during the game, concentrating on his next AB, he just turned and tossed it.

So, a couple innings go by and a little kid runs down the aisle right next to me (i had front row aisle behind dugout seats) and the player coming off the field looks to the kid and tosses it to him. I could have gotten that ball, but i figured i can't grab the ball from the kid, so i just had to let him have it. The guy leans over and says, "im surprised you let the kid have that ball".

So, i got pissed and said "fuck you" and a few other choice words that start with mother and end with fucker. I got right in his face but thought the best of it and didn't squash him.

2 innings later, he came up to me and profusely apologized and said he was out of line and hope there were no hard feelings. I shook his hand and said no problem and we ended up talking for a few minutes.

SO, that's my first ever lifetime foul ball adventure!

I would actually love to catch a batted ball at some time, i feel that a batted ball is more of a 'catch' than a ball that a player tosses to you, although at this point, i'll take anything i can get!