Anyone see this Clown Around Town in LV Robert Gorodetsky. Now is charged with Fraud??? New Trier grad stole almost $10 million

Mr. Met

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Yeah- He was firing pretty good at the MGM properties (Bellagio/ Aria) when I was there. Nice enough kid before his head got big after the USA Today story and Instagram fame.

The rumor was his family came from money- didn't see this story coming.


TYVM Morgan William!!!
Vegas Dave will be the next big name tout to go down! When they bust him and the facts come out it's going to be an ID channel 2 hour special!
BINGO! If you follow his Twitter feed the comments others leave are priceless. He is a lying P.O.S. and his "day of reckoning" is coming. I wonder how much longer Holly Sonders will stay with him? As long as the money continues to flow in she will stay.

John Kelly

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when he first started playing, it was 5-10 dimes a play- started bumping it up quickly. Remember him doing some 50k 3 teamers, and equally crazy plays.

His entourage started growing as well- I got along fine with Rob.

His entourage not so much

I saw him risk $75,000 on a halftime wager (or was it a first-half bet?) in a college basketball game at the MGM Grand.

The house knew what they were doing by accepting the wager.