Are Treo's 650's That Bulky To Carry In A Pocket?

Are these manageable and light?

A cell phone you still have to open to make and receive calls so the treo in reality is just the same size but does not close.

That is my thinking and just a little wider than cell and an ounce or too heavier.

Any thoughts who have them?
I went to look at those things a few weeks back, had the guy demonstrate a blackberry for me.

Wasn't impressed, took forever just to load a simple web page.

Not sure if the treo is much better.
Its no flipphone jj, but I did get use to it. I carry it in my front pants pocket. I guess it will take getting use to, its a little bulky.

Go to your local store and check one out?

Michael777 - You tried Pinny? Ive placed bets on there from my Treo600.

Pancho - The sites load a a ok speed. All depends on the site and how much images and stuff is on it.
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