Arky @ Georgia,

Seems like a very tough spot for Bobby Petrino's squad. They haved play two warm up games and haven't faced adversity yet. Now they have to travel to Georgia to play an early game @ 12pm where they will see a wild bulldog fanbase. If things go bad early it could be a long afternoon and maybe be the start of a lengthly losing streak having to face #1 Alabama, A&M, & Auburn over the next few weeks.

Georgia is coming off a battle with the gamecocks (SC was my best pick last week) where coach richt learned alot about his team. He knows they aren't as talented nor experienced of a team that he normally puts on the field, but he also saw his squad battle and never quit. Now he gets a piece returning in the backfield in rb Caleb King, also they are trying to get AJ Green suspension shorted which sounds like things are going well with that. The bulldogs should be able to control they tempo and this game with a strong rushing attack and solid defense to take the pressure off their young qb. I think the razorbacks are overrated and nothing more than an exciting offensive football team. We all know that does not fly on the road in the SEC. Something tells me they should be able to get a few takeaways from ryan mallet, especially since they will be missing their best rb Dennis Johnson.

This is a huge game for Georgia, coach Richt is not on the most comfortable seat right now and is supposed to win this game at home (according to alumi and fanbase) I know its only week 3, but trust me a loss here and their season could be in serious trouble. The crowd is going to be tailgating all morning and will be loud as usual in sanford stadium, and like i said before im not sure the hogs can match the intensity I expect the bulldogs to posses.

I think the Dogs get a few big plays (hopefully to AJ Green) and control the clock with lengthly drives keeping the explosive hogs O on the sidelines.

Play Georgia -2 (-110)

I know i got the square end of this line, but looked at the card late...


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This early in the season do you really want a team coming off a physical conference game versus a team coming in off two cupcakes??

Dennis Johnson out for Ark does help your cause (as
you correctly stated).
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In this specific situation yes,

ARKY has been flooded with more expectations then they have had since mcfadden/jones/jones.... Petrino has done a great job of gettin talent quickly in the recruiting battle of the SEC, however he isn't quite there yet. Not sure they are ready for the test they will have this coming saturday. Feel like they are going to get hit in the mouth from the kickoff its not going to stop till the final whistle. I also don't think too much of the razorbacks defense allowing Georgia to move the chains much easier then they could again the gamecocks...

Thank you for input and BOL
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I am not sure that Green is going to play. Georgia did nothing offensively against South Carolina without him. Arkansas is going to put up points. This is an important game for Arkansas, but Georgia clearly has it's back to the wall now, if they want to win the SEC East. Should be a great game, but wager wise, I will pass.
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heard a pretty good interview today with the bulldogs coach on PMS here in L.A.....nothing surprising, but he certainly discussed the importance of the game


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louisville kid,

thanks very much...was on bookmaker when the lines came out, it opened 2...yes, I have a position in this game, am on Georgia...GL bud..
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This is a huge game for Arkansas. Next week, the Hogs host Alabama. A win at Georgia and their momentum is sky high. A loss, and it is deep sixed. It is going to be a lot easier for the Hogs to prepare for next weeks game coming off a win, than a loss. It is also worth 1-3 points in the line, for those of you who wager on such games.
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That's nice to hear, once again thanks for the input... bol with the rest of the season, looking forward to discussing some matchups w/ you throughout
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Just FYI, Arkansas' offensive line has has been shaky on run blocking downs thus far--extrememly poor in the ULM game in the first half this past weekend. 10 different OLmen played in the first half vs. ULM as the Hogs struggled to run the ball. ULM did stack some vs. them, but was getting plenty of pressure with a 3 LB set. In the second half, Arkansas kinda wore ULM down as they settled in some. Still a poor performance run blocking--which has been a theme since BP has been here--from the OL. Dennis Johnson being out is mainly a factor b/c he is the kick returner (not punt returner). Broderick Green (USC transfer) is probably Arkansas' best back right now. They'll pitch to Ronnie Wingo wide and Knile Davis will run some classic I stuff. But, it's Green when the yards are a MUST.

Some trends to worry about with Arkansas are the facts that we've only beaten UGA once since joining the conf (in Athens in 1993--lightly played series), Hogs typically struggle on the road in conf (3-9 SU going back to 2007), Ryan Mallet had a 39% completion % on the road in conf last year, and the Hogs are coming off a year where they were +12 in turnover margin in conf, yet were still outgained by 40 ypg in conf last year (3rd worst in SEC) at 0-4 on the road in conf.

Arkansas struggled MIGHTILY vs the 4 linebacker set last year. Georgia's 3-4 didn't look all that bad last week IMO---just some poor tackling. The big concern is that UGA gets pressure on Mallett just rushing 4, which is possible.

Now, I say all this as a caveat to Arkansas. Without going into what I think about UGA, or what positive signs I see from the Hogs (the negatives outweigh the positives at this point) I believe this game is a TRUE COIN FLIP. Only scenario I see not possible is a UGA rout.

I do think UNDER (54) is a decent play here. Arkansas' defense is improved after getting Isaac Madison back in the secondary and the emergence of Tramain Thomas has allowed Anthony Leon to move to Linebacker where he may end up all-SEC. Dude is knocking heads...

BOL to everyone on the weekend. Cannot see how anyone would touch either side her. But, if your looking at it....That's my $.02.


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I'm going to puke if I hear the announcer say AJ Green would have made a difference in this game...