Army-Navy 2018

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Army is favored (-7) in its annual showdown against Navy for the first time since 2001.

And are you ready for this streak?

The last 12 Army-Navy meetings have gone UNDER the total.

Over the last four years, the total has been dropping from 55.5 to 50 to 46.5 to last year's total of 44.5

This year's total opened 44 (CRIS) and currently stands at 41.

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Great season for Army at 9-2.

Head coach Jeff Monken, a Paul Johnson disciple, has made all the difference.

Army will be playing in its program-record third consecutive bowl game this season.

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Spoke with Nevada head coach Jay Norvell earlier this year.

He said ball protection is the name of the game for service academies.

Army, Navy and Air Force stress execution and ball security.

They like to play "keep away."

Norvell said after Nevada played Air Force this season, the Falcons changed the way they played (more passing, less running).

Nevada held the ball for an impressive 31-plus minutes against Air Force.
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Anyone who attends an Army/Navy game is in for a of the most spectacular events one could attend....

The pageantry is fabulous and the homemade videos shown on the oversized video screens inside the stadium are classic.

I attended the game in the year 2000 after reading John Feinstein's excellent book titled A Civil War: Army vs. Navy.

The game took place in Baltimore and Navy defeated Army 30-28.

If memory serves, I bet UNDER 52.5.

And it was freezing cold that day.


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Well at 39.5 I have to just buy low. I understand the familiarity aspects of the game inc
the style of offense but, barring wet weather (it will be cold) , that is probably the basement
for that line.

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Well done, WACO.

Army OVER was an excellent play.

One of Army's two losses was a seven-point overtime defeat at the hands of Oklahoma.


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Thanks for the video Threes. I wasn't thrilled having to get up at 5am this morning but things have turned around watching Army-Navy previews and different episodes of Band of Brothers to start the day. Enjoy the game today gang.
Army favored for the first time in 17 yeaes.

I was there when Kennedy walked across the field at halftime in 62. Trump better stay in his luxury box. The defunct JFK Stadium had few amenities, thou bathrooms were among them. Did seat a lot of people on its bench seats. Best to sit down before those next to you.
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TYVM Morgan William!!!
Army 17-10 F

ANYONE who LOST a bet on this game simply needs to quit gambling. There were some brief 6.5 and 7.5 out there so some people could have won what most PUSHED. Yet I sense there are some dummies who had Navy +6.5 and complaining about a "bad beat"