Authorities still dont have anything better to do

Only a fine, LMAO!!!!!!!!1

Thats the criminal charge, the civial forfeture is the killer. They keep everything they get thier hands on, cars, cash, tvs, computers, etc.... These guys will lose everything, but yes you are correct the criminal fine is just a slap on the wrist.
Shoe the guys that get caught get caught for mainly 2 reasons

1. Sloppy in their operation

2. Threat of Violence to no pays or slow pays, worst thing a book can do because all player is going to do is wear a wire and shut down operation

Shoe leave this stuff to me, not your arena

Thanks Son
You forgot 3. A guy who cant pay and jumps the gun and rats so he doesnt get threatened with violence

and 4. a disgruntled ex-wife or girlfriend