Be very careful if you take a bonus at BetDSI

They seem to have snuck in some new rules recently. Primarily:

Updated* November 7th 2019. Any new member who registered from August 1st 2019 to current date will have a maximum bonus cash out $10,000. Any member registered before this time frame will have a max bonus cash out of $25,000.

And, perhaps the worst rule in offshore bonus history:

For any new member who has registered from the date of August 1st 2019, allocated bonuses greater than $999 will have a maximum of $100 applied to rollover on any wager placed towards meeting rollover requirement regardless of the wagered amount.

This means if you sign up today, and take them up on their BTC150 offer by sending $1500 and receiving a $2250 bonus your rollover will equal $93,750. But with only $100 maximum being credited towards your rollover that means you will need to make 937 (EDIT) bets at $100 apiece. This would take the average bettor close to a decade to complete.

To add insult to injury, you can only cash out a maximum of $10,000 from this $2250 bonus. And, don't forget, there is a good chance they reduce your limits to $50 during the rollover.

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That comes to about 19 bets a week for 10 years. Is that what you had figured. If I am betting everyday I easily make 35, 40 bets a week. Still a long ass grind.
Nope, 937 bets / 52 weeks is 18 bets/week for one year. This is certainly a significant hurdle, but something a "regular" bettor could accomplish in a year or two.